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Lab Safety Mantras Never To Be Underestimated

Written by Technology Magazine on October 19th, 2018. Posted in Uncategorized

As a laboratory supply store, we’re well aware of the potential hazards of our wares. You, requiring the necessary tools and laboratory supplies for research and experimentation, are also aware of the dangers of scientific inquiry.

In the United States alone, there are more than 500,000 people employed in laboratories. As with any profession, care and safety are important parts of any given day. However, complacency slips in after a certain level of comfort is reached and it can cause all sorts of problems. Lapses in safety protocol due to complacency can have disastrous results.

There are certain laboratory conduct mantras that should always be observed when entering a lab, regardless of your level of familiarity. Let’s break a few of them down.

Don’t touch

If you’re shopping for lab supplies, that’s one thing. If you’re entering the lab where those supplies are actively being utilized, don’t touch anything. Familiar or not with the lab, you don’t know what other work may have progressed while you weren’t there or what’s currently in progress. Make sure to check with others before you set to work or shifting things around. You wouldn’t want familiarity to bungle an experiment because of your assumption. Wait, ask, then work.

Heed instructions

You may have noticed that science lab supplies, equipment, and rooms are plastered with written notices. They are there for you to read and heed. Apart from written instructions, spoken instructions are equally important. It’s unsafe for you, and the others around you, to ignore posted warnings, safety guides, and instructions. Take a moment or two, listen to what you’re being told, then absorb the lab postings all around you. Do this before every process you’re about to begin.

Buddy system

We like this one because it’s been a well-engrained piece of foundational safety since childhood. Never work in the lab alone. Between safety and accountability, working with a partner or two ensures that if something does accidentally go wrong, there won’t be one person to deal with it alone. Plus, science thrives in a collaborative environment, so you should work together!

From the laboratory supply store to empirical research, safety is priority number one. It’s not difficult to stay safe in the lab. Remember these mantras and they’ll guide your lab safely as your research aims to change the world.

NASA Takes The Lab Closer To The Sun Than It Has Ever Been

Written by Technology Magazine on October 11th, 2018. Posted in Uncategorized

NASA has been doing work lately. Their most recent achievement certainly required some materials not carried by any odd laboratory supply company. In about a month, an unmanned NASA spacecraft called the Parker Probe will come closer to the sun than we have ever come before.

Why? In the name of science, of course. The sun is hot, we know that. Its core is millions of degrees, while the surface simmers somewhere around a comparatively mild 10,000 degrees. Further away from the surface, in a place called the corona, the temperature is back into the millions and we’ve never known why. NASA is confident that the Parker Probe will provide some insight into the corona.

“I like to tell people: ‘What would you do if you lit your campfire or a fire in your fireplace, and as you walked toward it, it got colder?’,” said Bill Matthaeus, mission planner and physics professor from the University of Delaware.

This goes against every terrestrial idea we have on heat, so they’re excitedly curious as the Parker Probe loops its way closer to the hottest seats in the galaxy. As it does get closer to extreme temperatures, people are also wondering how the probe itself will be able to withstand such heat.

Physicists postulate that the sun’s corona is very low density, there aren’t many particles, and those particles are moving extremely fast, thus not having time enough to create a heat transfer of millions of degrees. Still, the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins created a shell for the craft that can easily withstand the predicted temperature of 2,500 degrees and beyond, giving the probe and the necessary tools ample protection while collecting and transmitting data. Not stuff you find lying around in your everyday science lab supplies.

By 1,000 B.C. civilizations were using technologies and theories that would become the basis for various branches of science. Now, by 2025, the Parker Probe will be a few million miles from the sun, likely the closest it will ever get. What we’ll find from the data it collects will be a mystery for a while, but such is the adventure of science.

Our laboratory supply store might not be able to fit you with sun proof composite coating built for deep space exploration, but our lab supplies will have you well fitted for plenty of experiments while NASA takes apart the mysteries of the cosmos.

Air Clutches 101: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Written by Technology Magazine on October 5th, 2018. Posted in Uncategorized

Many industrial clutches used in heavy machinery work in similar ways. Each clutch works to synchronize two rotating shafts. They do this by locking them together to spin at the same time or by decoupling the shafts to get them to spin at different speeds to stop the car.

But different clutches exist for different purposes. That said, what exactly is an air clutch and what does it do?

Air Clutches: What They Do And Why They Do It

Industrial air clutches are used in heavy machinery to transfer power (or torque) in relation to the engine. Your average engine has an output shaft. You can see this shaft on a car engine at the flywheel position.

A clutch is a system of either plates or grabbing disks that are used to engage the power from the flywheel. From there, it transfers the power to the transmission of the vehicle.

Power takeoff shafts (PTO) are capable of performing the same function and are often used in farm machinery or other heavy construction equipment. The engine clutch will engage with the PTO shaft. This causes it to spin.

Instead of hydraulic oil, air clutches use compressed air to regulate the contact between two power shafts. A signal is sent by a sensor when the shifter mechanism is activated. When the shifter engages the clutch, the magnetic valve assembly is activated.

The compressed air is moved through the valve to the air clutch, which uses it to couple two shafts. The more air used in the process can sometimes cause an up-shift. In contrast, a reduction in air can cause a downshift.

The compressed air used by the air break comes from an onboard compressor tank. In some systems, it comes from a routing from the engine’s exhaust system.

Where can I find an air clutch brake near me?

It’s no secret the industrial clutch and brake market is growing fast. In fact, Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing industrial brake market with a CAGR of 8.4%.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial clutch and break, air clutch brake, a disc brake caliper, or engine driven products, WPT Power has what you need. To learn more about our air clutch brakes and high torque clutches, contact WPT Power today.

What Qualities to Look For in a PCB Assembly House

Written by Technology Magazine on October 3rd, 2018. Posted in Pcb board assembly, Pcb printing service, Printed circuit board assembly

Printed circuit boards help the majority of our technology to even exist. You’ll find them in almost every industry. From our smartphones and computers to healthcare monitors to industrial and automotive equipment, and so much more, printed circuit boards are just about everywhere. If you consistently need high quality printed circuit boards (PCB’s), you should reach out to a PCB assembly house to get a PCB assembly quote. PCB manufacturing companies can provide you with quick turnaround and lower prices, especially if they’re machine-assembled versus hand placed. Other manufacturers may be more helpful in terms of small batch PCB assembly or low volume PCB assembly, depending on your needs.

What Kinds of PCB’s Do You Need?

The answer to this question will likely depend on who you’re supplying and what the application they’re using their PCB’s for is. There are double-sided circuit boards and multilayer boards. Generally, multilayer boards come in four, si

5 Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

Written by Technology Magazine on October 1st, 2018. Posted in Security cameras omaha, Security system installation omaha, Surveillance system installation

Many homeowners are well aware of the benefits of installing a home security system simply for the security. More than two million home intrusions are reported each year in the U.S. with a little more than one-third entering through the front door and a little less than one-third finding entry through an unlocked window or door. Aside from providing security for your home, there are other benefits of having home security systems installed in your home. Read below to see the other sometimes unfamiliar benefits of having one installed.


Many people do not realize that when they have home security systems installed, their homes are protected from fire. Knowing that if a fire breaks out authorities will be notified helps to give homeowners peace of mind. This is great when everyone is at work, and no one is at home. It is beneficial while on vacation, and it can be extremely beneficial during the overnight hours. This single feature could easily be the dif

Hotel Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Written by Technology Magazine on September 19th, 2018. Posted in Uncategorized

The technological landscape is always changing — and the hospitality industry has to pay close attention in order to keep up. Hotel technology, in particular, creates a lot of excitement for both business owners and guests alike. After all, 53% of people use their mobile devices to find travel-related information, and hoteliers all across the country (and the world!) are embracing more tech-savvy methods for marketing, customer service, and more. But in a sector that’s evolving so rapidly, exactly which trends should you follow? Here are a few of our favorite hotel trends in technology that will likely continue to expand in 2019.

IoT: Interconnected Devices

Although technology in hotel rooms was once limited to the television and the wireless internet, there are many more gadgets and services that come into play these days. There are now “smart” hotel rooms that contain interconnected systems that allow the guest to control their preferences and actually store them for the future. It’s a way for your guests to instantly streamline their stay to fit their needs without ever requiring staff members to lift a finger. In that sense, it’s a highly effective option that can boost customer satisfaction and even client loyalty. IoT (Internet of Things)-equipped hotel rooms can allow the guest to instantly adjust the room temperature, unlock their room, dim the lights, turn on the shower, or watch their favorite show with a tap of their smartphone screen. Not only are these hotel trends digitally exciting, but they can also allow the hotel to become more environmentally friendly; no longer will you have to waste energy on lighting or cooling a room that doesn’t need it!

Guest and Housekeeping Tracking

When you invest in PMS software for hotels, you obtain access to a certain amount of tracking capabilities. But if you really want to amp up your ability to keep track of important information, you may want to prioritize guest tracking or housekeeping tracking. Guest tracking systems allow you to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your guests, which can ultimately allow for better peace of mind in many situations. For example, in the event of an emergency or for families traveling with young children, this option will be much-appreciated. There are also systems that can promote customer satisfaction by zeroing in on check-in and check-out flexibility. Housekeeping tracking systems can focus on cleaning staff members and ensure that as soon as a room has been turned over, it can be designated as available for check-in. In the end, this can often mean guests are able to check in earlier or check out later, at their leisure, rather than being rushed or restricted. Little adjustments like this can really go a long way to improve your reviews and return guest rates.

Chatbot Assistance

Having stellar customer service isn’t among one of the passing trends in the hospitality industry. But the means by which you provide that service may be subject to change. In the digital age, customers want to be able to book their stay whenever — even in the middle of the night. Of course, your hotel may not have anyone available to answer questions at 3 AM. But implementing a chatbot assistant system on your site can allow potential guests to obtain the information they need, no matter what time it is. That can have a significant impact on your consumer leads and on your booking rates. Even if a guest chooses not to book (or engage) with the service assistant at that time, they’ll still be impressed by how invested you are in helping them. In many cases, they might choose to come back at another time simply because they remembered your hotel’s responsiveness.

It can be tough to keep up with all the latest hotel trends, especially where technology is concerned. But our hotel trends predictions for 2019 should keep you ahead of the curve and allow you to investigate the areas in which your organization can improve.

Backups Part 2: Beyond The Basics

Written by Technology Magazine on September 14th, 2018. Posted in Uncategorized

Smart handling of your home-grown and client data is incredibly important. For example, it’s been estimated that retailers who master ‘big data’ can increase their operating margins by a satisfying 60%. So how can you protect this gold mine of data to the best of your ability? In our previous post “Planning A Backup Schedule For Your Data? Get The Basics First”, we went over the three basic types of data backup solutions: a full backup, an incremental backup, and a differential backup. Now we’re going to cover beyond the basics.

Mirror Backup

With a mirror backup, the backup file actually mirrors what it is a copy of. This kind of backup is almost never used alone and always used with caution, as if one thing is deleted or altered in the source, it will also be deleted or altered in the mirror backup. Because of this, the backup doesn’t carry old obsolete files, but it can easily be negatively affected by a virus. Sometimes there is a delay in the mirroring, typically something like 30 days, so there is room for fixing errors.

Local Backup

A local backup describes any kind of backup where the storage medium is used and stored close by. This includes storage mediums like hard drives, CDs, flash drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or a shared folder. On the one hand, having the backup data close at hand is good security management. It’s inexpensive, protected from remote attacks, and easy to restore quickly. Storing things online always has its risks, on the other hand, it’s less safe from physical damage, theft, and natural disasters.

Offsite Backup

When the storage medium is physically in a different location than the source, it’s called an offsite backup. An offsite backup may be made locally and then stored away elsewhere. Offsite backups take the advantage of local backups and then provide extra protection against the physical damage, theft, and natural disaster risk. Offsite storage can be a pain in some cases. There is an increased risk of damage to a storage device that’s being moved around, and it usually takes multiple people to keep track of rotating storage locations. Offsite backups don’t necessarily need to start out local, remember. They could involve moving data over the internet or other network connection to a remote data center, but this particular practice intersects with online backup and remote backup, which we’ll cover in part 3.

Remember, good security management involves combining several methods of backing up your data. If you’re trying to figure out the best combination method of data backup for your particular needs, trust RDE Tech’s extensive managed IT service experience to have your security management under control and running smoothly.


Why Businesses Should Focus On Hospitality

Written by Technology Magazine on August 15th, 2018. Posted in Hotel property management system, Property management, Property management software hotel

Every single year, hotel owners try to get the most out of their hotel and all of the hotel trends. However, these hotel owners often overlook some of the most important aspects of hotel management solutions. For instance, one of the most important parts of running a successful.

Travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking. This means that they may be open to seeing reviews for a hotel that disparage the hospitality. Keep in mind that besides price and location, BandB travelers look to the following when deciding where to stay: Consumer reviews at nearly 50%, Photos at nearly 47%, Friends’ recommendations at nearly 46%, Flexible cancellations policy at nearly 43%, Ability to book online at nearly 43%.

More than half of Millennials and Gen Xers say cost is a barrier to leisure travel, but only 45% of Boomers agree. Just about 26% of Boomers were planning to take domestic multi-generational trips, with

Improve Your Workflow With a Benchtop NMR

Written by Technology Magazine on August 10th, 2018. Posted in Desktop nmr, Nmr for sale, Process nmr

The chemist’s toolkit can be vast, depending on what he or she works with. For those who work in the pharmaceutical industry, drug discovery is a billion dollar industry that chemists play a key role in as they discover, develop, and test potential new drugs. One way that chemists frequently analyze molecular structure is using NMR, or nuclear magnetic resonance. It’s one of the most useful analytical method (and therefore is used quite frequently) in modern chemistry. There are many different forms this can take, such as a desktop NMR, portable NMR, tabletop NMR, but a benchtop NMR spectrometer is especially useful for chemists. If you’re looking into one for your lab, you may wonder how much does a benchtop NMR cost? We’ll discuss the costs, benefits of having one (regardless of how much does a benchtop NMR cost), and why NMR is such a popular method.

A Brief History of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

What IT Service Agents Do

Written by Technology Magazine on August 9th, 2018. Posted in Backup solutions, It consulting, Managed it

Running a business is a complicated endeavor, whether the company in question is an immense, international company with publicly traded stocks or a small, family-run operation with just one location. One of the more complex aspects of business operations involves the information technology requirements of the modern organization. These technological functions are vital to the success of a business, influencing every aspect of operations. Despite the importance of IT tasks to the overall functionality of a firm, many companies do not retain those with the specialized skills and training necessary to perform the daily IT tasks required, forcing these businesses to fill the void through outsourcing to organizations offering IT services. Below are some of the vital services these companies offer, and the impact each exerts on business.

  1. PC and Serve