Uses For Bulk Category 6 Ethernet Cables

Written by Technology Magazine on November 30th, 2016. Posted in Bulk zipcord fiber optic cable, Cell phone cable accessories, Hdmi cables

Hdmi dvi cable

While we usually just talk about having a wired internet connection, there are several types of Ethernet cable. LANs, or local area networks, use Ethernet cables to connect to personal computers and routers. Ethernet cables carry broadband signals between your modem, router, computer, and other wired Internet-capable devices. There is really no such thing as a generic cable. Ethernet cables are standardized and placed in different categories, abbreviated ?Cat.,? such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and son on. Each higher number represents a new standard. Ethernet cables are capable of accommodating a variety of Internet speeds.

Bulk category 6 Ethernet cables, Cat 6 and Cat6A, consist of twisted pair cables, for a total of four pairs. However, this is nothing new. There are a few differences between cat5e network cabl