Save Money, Buy Cables in Bulk

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Usb 3.0 extension cable

Today, across the world, we live in a world that relies, interacts, and uses technology more than any other previous generation. This is due to two very specific and important details and they are quite simple. First and foremost, technology is improving and expanding each and every day in ways that even our most creative fantasies could not predict. More than ever on a daily basis people are using technology not only in their workplace but also in their personal lives to get to places and to even make purchases online and having them sent directly to their house. Secondly, the world is now integrating technology in a way that makes it borderline unavoidable to use technology in your daily life. Whether it is using uber to get a ride to a certain location or ordering your dinner recipes online and hav

5 Ways to Make Your Music Sound Better at Home

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Power strip surge protector

If you are lucky enough to have a home theater, then you should do what you can to make sure that it is running to best of its ability. Think of all those people who you love to have one but can’t; you owe it to them to take care of yours. This could mean upgrading your cat5 crossover cables to cat6 ethernet cables or it could simply mean playing better music and movies. In any case, here are a few tips for getting the best sound possible out of your home theater system.

Make Sure Your Speakers Match
It’s common to have a speaker set up that consists of different makes, brands, ages, etc. Most people feel bad throwing out old speakers

Get a Charge When You Invest in a New Cell Phone Cable!

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Crossover cable

There’s a good chance that we simply plug our phones in without thinking about the technology that allows us to do so. Words like “USB cables” and “cell phone cables” are so ubiquitous these days that we take them for granted. There is an enormous amount of cords that wire us in to the digital world — everything from connecting to the Internet, transferring pictures, emails, and more from device to device, bringing music, movies, and TV shows from the theatre into our own homes, and so much more with cell phone accessories. Continue Reading No Comments