Three Issues To Consider When Choosing New Hires

Written by Technology Magazine on March 1st, 2017. Posted in Executive placement agency, Human resources consulting firms, Outplacement company

Human resources consultants

At the moment, the job market is very much geared towards those searching for jobs, more so perhaps than companies searching for employees. While this is great for potential employees, it can in a sense negatively impact companies looking for new employees, and for that matter companies that want to retain employees. It’s one thing to have competent, talented staff on hand — it’s another thing entirely to entice them to stay. The issue with hiring great people is that other companies will soon recognize their talents and attempt to “poach” them; however, it’s not as if any company can afford to hire subpar employees just because they’ll be more likely to stay. With that being said, this is why many companies choose to use executive HR search firms. Executive HR search firms, Continue Reading No Comments