Clocks Keeping Time for Centuries

Written by Technology Magazine on December 14th, 2017. Posted in Gps time source, Ntp wall clock, Strikefirst

Network time machine

There are various types of ways that we keep time today. It’s not just the simplicity of looking at your digital clock on the side of your table anymore. Humans have been keeping time for about 5,000 years. Now we have clocks available on our computer screens, and on the phones we enjoy speaking on and browsing on the internet on every day. Some of the most popular types of clocks today are wifi digital clocks, the beloved poe clock, a GPS clock, and more – and we will focus on each one today.

Wifi Digital Clocks

We believe that the power of the internet is one of the most integral ways to tell time, a very informative way to find out what you need just like all else. Wifi-clocks use your network to display the same accurate time throughout an entire campus or business. This is vital