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Trouble for Virtual Currency Bitcoins? Three Updates to Tech News

Written by Technology Magazine on August 27th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Online technology magazines

Did you know that the very first computer mouse was invented back in 1964? At that point, it was made of wood. Do you like knowing the latest tech news? Many people do, and for this need they turn to online technology magazines. Tech magazines get them in touch with both small innovations and big plans for future tech companies. It can inform investments, career choices and more. Here are three interesting updates that we found in online technology magazines this week.

1. Developers Angry about Windows 8.1

Microsoft has begun sending its latest Windows 8.1 to its PC and tablet makers. Developers and IT pros, however, will have to wait until October for the OS update. Many developers are upset over this wait period, since in the past an RTM release indicated that the OS was also