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What is 3D and 2D Cell Culture?

Written by Technology Magazine on May 22nd, 2017. Posted in 3d cell, 3d cell culture methods, Tissue regeneration

Cerebral organoids protocol

For those who may not know, cell culture techniques are the removal of cells from an animal or plant and grow that very same cell in an artificial environment. The cells can be removed directly from tissue or mechanically from a strain of cells that have been already been removed.Cell-cell interactions, extracellular matrix components, chemical gradients, growth rates, and gene expression in 3D have been shown to provide more clinical relevance compared to cells in 2D culture. In 2D cell culture, the cells that have been removed are grown in a plastic flat dish. The cells will start to spread all over the plastic surface and attach itself to the proteins within the plastic. This is considered to be a very unnatural form of cell culture.

In the 3D cell culture methods, the cells that have been remo