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Why We Should Recycle Our E Waste As Much As We Can

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2018. Posted in E waste san francisco, Electronic trash disposal

San francisco electronics recycling

E waste recycling San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and around the world. No matter where you are, E waste recycling San Francisco or elsewhere is important. In fact, in the world that we live in now, waste is excessive in ways that can be prevented or are not necessary. For instance, nearly 300,000 tons of computers were thrown in the trash in 2010 alone. In that same year in the United States, over 400,000 tons of computer monitors were thrown away and nearly one million tons of televisions ended up in landfills. The disposal of mobile phones is also a problem, with nearly 20,000 tons thrown away in 2010 alone. Continue Reading No Comments

How Text Analytics are Important for Border Security and Business

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2018. Posted in Event extraction software, Event extraction software engine, What is name matching

Sentiment analysis for brand reputation

Concept extraction software, advanced geotagging, and other forms of big data analysis are part of the effort to improve border security and provide value for businesses. Here are the important facts to know about concept extraction software, opinion mining, name matching software and more:

How is Text Analytics Useful For Security?

Named entity recognition or concept extraction software can greatly improve border security. All types of text analytics allow for dangers to be identified near the border and at the time of s