Why We Should Recycle Our E Waste As Much As We Can

San francisco electronics recycling

E waste recycling San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and around the world. No matter where you are, E waste recycling San Francisco or elsewhere is important. In fact, in the world that we live in now, waste is excessive in ways that can be prevented or are not necessary. For instance, nearly 300,000 tons of computers were thrown in the trash in 2010 alone. In that same year in the United States, over 400,000 tons of computer monitors were thrown away and nearly one million tons of televisions ended up in landfills. The disposal of mobile phones is also a problem, with nearly 20,000 tons thrown away in 2010 alone.

But E waste recycling San Francisco and elsewhere is highly recyclable. In fact, nearly 100% – almost all – of electronic waste can be recycled in some capacity. If this was done on a consistent basis, a massive amount of waste would be eliminated from landfills around the country and the world at large. In 2014, a year that generated over 40 billion tons of E waste around the world, much of that waste could have been kept from landfills if more had been adequately and efficiently recycled. Unfortunately, the amount of E waste that the world produces is expected to grow by nearly ten percent every year and only just over 12% of all of that E waste is recycled.

Fortunately, however, there are steps we can take to up the percentage of E waste that is recycled. Computer recycling, for instance, is one way that we can curb the number of tons that end up in landfills. Business computer recycling in particular can help to reduce the amount of waste that electronics generate. Raising awareness for recycling is an important part of making it happen and if businesses and companies introduce initiatives to encourage recycling, specifically for E waste, they could see a significant improvement in the amount of E waste that ultimately gets recycled from company to company. Recycling E waste can not only salvage materials like silver, gold, and palladium, it can also help to conserve energy. In fact, recycling around one million laptops can actually conserve the amount of energy that would be used by nearly 4,000 United States homes over the course of a year.

Electronics recycling can make a bigger difference in the world than you might think, and every electronic recycled helps to make that change in waste reduction.

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