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Considering a Business Restructure? Important Factors to Consider

Written by Technology Magazine on June 28th, 2017. Posted in Executive search consultant service, Human resources executive search, Outplacement consulting company

Human resources executive search firms

Restructuring is a common practice that is used when a company is losing money or not producing as much in profits as it once was. The restructuring process involves going through every aspect and expense of the business and evaluating its purpose and need. This includes employee departments. In many cases, jobs will be cut and employees will be laid off or permanently let go. This process is extremely difficult and requires careful consideration and evaluation.

Develop a restructure plan

Before you begin to make cuts and lay off employees, it is important to develop a restructure plan. Establish exactly how much needs to be cut, and from what department

Are You Looking for Affordable HDMI Highspeed Cables?

Written by Technology Magazine on June 18th, 2017. Posted in 75 ft ethernet cable, Cat6 ethernet cables, Usb 3 cables

Cat5e ethernet cable

The life giving umbilical cord that connects us to our mothers when we are in the womb may have been the first connection that we all had to a source of power, but it is certainly not the last time that we are anxious to staying connected. From USB cables to to zipcord fiber optic cables and from 100 ft HDMI cables to the various cell phone cable accessories that we all use, few would argue that we are a connected society.
As every new release of a phone or tablet comes out, so too are new versions of charging cords and accessories like 100 ft HDM

PCB Panelization Risks and Benefits

Written by Technology Magazine on June 15th, 2017. Posted in Circuit board assembly services, Prototype pcb service, Small run pcb manufacture

Rapid prototyping pcb

As you may already know, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are fragile and require careful handling, particularly when shipped and during the assembly process, including the PCB prototype assembly. This careful handling is important to keep the unit secure and free from any damage. One of the most important was to protect it, is with panelization methods. For example, many boards can have multiple layers, which can even exceed over 40 layers. As a result, these are incredibly complex circuits which need to be protected, such as with panelization methods. Using these sorts of methods can protect the PCB integrity and quality, while allowing manufacturers to assemble more than one board at the same time.

While there are plenty of obvious benefits to this process, Continue Reading No Comments

How Identity Resolution Software Could Benefit You Personally

Written by Technology Magazine on June 12th, 2017. Posted in Entity resolution, Geotagging documents, Sentiment analysis software

Text mining

Have you ever stopped to consider the vast amount of information available on the internet? Have you ever stopped to consider what information there is about you on the internet? With a little bit of digging, someone can probably find a plethora of personal and professional information about you if they know how to properly research using the internet. If you have not taken the time to do the research yourself about what someone can find about you on the internet, it is probably time to do this.

With a little bit of effort and time, someone can easily search you on the internet. Keep reading to learn about the best identity resolution software and tactics to find, collect and assess the informatio

DIY Gurus Common Questions Asked About HDMI Cables, CAT Cables And USB Cables

Written by Technology Magazine on June 3rd, 2017. Posted in Cat5e crossover cable, Siamese cable, Usb 3 cable

Surge protector for computer

What is the difference between HDMI and CAT cables? Should you use a USB 2.0 cable or a USB 3.0? These are common questions asked by the average do-it-yourself home set-up guru, as many want the cheaper benefits of piecing together their own streaming station or work area. Asking the right questions means you’ll get the right answers, saving you time and money as you plug and organize your way to the ultimate home resource. Below are some simple questions that are asked as people seek out CAT6 Ethernet cables and surge protectors, to better help you get off on the right foot.

I Want High-Quality Video Resolution

Are you a fan of movies? Do

How to Optimize Patient Appointment Reminders

Written by Technology Magazine on June 2nd, 2017. Posted in Medical appointment reminder email, Patient appointment reminder, Text appointment reminders

Text message appointment reminders

If you?re the individual who accidentally forgets to go to your doctor?s appointment, it?s probably no big deal. You?ll call, apologize, and be able to reschedule for sometime in the near future. Conversely, when it comes to the actual health care industry, these missed appoints are actually much more serious.

Missed medical appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system roughly $150 billion every year. Because there is so much financial importance placed on these appointments, it’s essential that medical establishments take advantage of appointment reminder services. Continue Reading No Comments

How To Improve Public Transportation In 3 Ways!

Written by Technology Magazine on June 1st, 2017. Posted in Location Intelligence Software

location intelligence softwareLocation intelligence software is a major mover in today’s business world, but what is location intelligence? What does it include, and what does this software do?

Location intelligence software gives companies the ability to see who is in their area based on demographic, geographic, aerial maps, and even the data of some organizations. This is a plethora of information for companies, as it allows them to find and market to their key targets.

A marketing analytics team could analyze this geospatial data and determine what age groups are living around them, who are their potential customers, and then determine what is the best marketing strategy. A survey of global businesses in 2014 by the Dresner Advisory Services found that “more than half of all respondents across all industries say location intelligence is critically or very important to their business planning.”

That means that over 50% of all companies, worldwide, think that location intelligence software would be a major investment for them, with substantial pay offs.

But it’s not just businesses that can benefit from this, public transportation could, too.

Supervision and Repair

The software would allow real-time tracking on maps for highly active areas, enabling public transportation to pinpoint where issues might occur, or what locations may need more supervision or support. It would give an idea of where to delegate more resources and at what time to do so.

This could mean fewer traffic delays as managers and supervisors work to resolve issues as they come in, quickly, or as data is compiled that suggests an active problem zone.

Public Safety

The ability to see where hotspots for accidents and incidents would give management a good idea of where to send workers or inspectors to see if there is something that can be done to mitigate those issues. It would also give an idea of what time period personnel should be delegated to that location in order to prevent incidents, or react to them, should they occur.

Analyze Traffic Data

Traffic data, how many people are coming and going in an area, would give a clue as to how many seats, stations, and other resources should be put into place at a location at that time. Helping keep passengers moving, and keep delays to a minimum.

Location intelligence software could be the key to keeping your city moving in a timely fashion! Don’t delay in finding out if it could work for you.

Local Businesses Depend on Social Media Networks to Drive Revenue

Written by Technology Magazine on June 1st, 2017. Posted in Seo company, Seo services, Tampa search engine optimization

Marketing companies in tampa

Big ideas can have small beginnings.
When you first made the decision to carry a few clothing items in the extra space in the front room of your photography studio, it was a simple choice to offer the girls who came in for their senior pictures some alternatives and fun choices that coordinated well with your studio. As outfit after after flew out of the store, however, you realized that the idea for a small clothing boutique could be a pretty profitable venture. A major contributing factor is the fact that the town where you live really does not have any shopping options. The fact that you have a great eye for fashion, obviously has played into the success as well.
In addition to the lack of competition and your eye for fashion, though, you have also had the help of a website development

Make Employee Satisfaction a Priority to Reduce Turnover Rates

Written by Technology Magazine on June 1st, 2017. Posted in Human resources, Outplacement consulting company, Outplacement consulting firms

Human resources consultant

High employee turnover and retention rates can be a costly process for some businesses. When you put a lot of time and resources into the hiring of an executive level employee and they do not stick around for long, the process was wasted. How can you reduce high executive employee turnover rates? To begin, always take care of your employees. The following methods are important in keeping your staff satisfied and challenged in a successful economy that encourages high turnover rates.

Put more effort in the hiring process

Hiring too quickly can leave you with poorly matched and unqualified executive candidates. A recent survey by Robert Half showed that one third (36%) of 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire, aside from performance issues, is a p