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The life giving umbilical cord that connects us to our mothers when we are in the womb may have been the first connection that we all had to a source of power, but it is certainly not the last time that we are anxious to staying connected. From USB cables to to zipcord fiber optic cables and from 100 ft HDMI cables to the various cell phone cable accessories that we all use, few would argue that we are a connected society.
As every new release of a phone or tablet comes out, so too are new versions of charging cords and accessories like 100 ft HDMI cables so that you can make the best use of those cables and cords. When a major change like the type of charging cord that is required for the newest iPhones occurs, an entire industry kicks into gear to create a whole new line of accompanying products.
Consider some of these statistics that further indicate our current attraction to our handheld devices, as well as the technologies that we use at work:

  • Minute by minute, 395 iPhones are sold worldwide every 60 seconds.
  • Apple has released nine generations of the iPhone to date, establishing itself as the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world in terms of shipments as of the year 2015.
  • Kids and adults together make up the 101 million iPhone users in the U.S.
  • Estimates from the year 2015 indicate that Apple sold nearly 50 million iPads, generating $21.33 billion in revenue. Sales of the iPad, in that singular year, accounted for nearly 9% of Apple?s total global revenue.

  • Accessories like power cords, chargers, surge protectors, and HDMI cable allow users to make the best of any of the technology products that they purchase.

  • Compatability is the the major concern in all cord and accessory purchases. For instance, USB 3.0 cables are compatible with USB 2.0 devices, but the performance of these connections will only be as fast as it would be at the lower 2.0 level.
  • One of the most common Ethernet cable used today is the 10 Mbps, a cable invented by Digital, Xerox, IntelR.
  • No one wants to be some where and not have the proper charging cable for a phone, especially if you are using your device as a way to communicate with friends you are trying to meet up with.
  • New charging cords and bricks are always a popular gift for cell phone users of any age.
  • Even though an 10 Mbps ethernet cable is ideal for households that include two to three computers, many people still tend to buy fast network cables like 100 Mbps or even higher to have faster Internet connections.
  • Cconnectors that are very long like a 100 ft hdmi cable make it easier to know that you will always be able to reach the wall mounts that you may need.
  • There are four basic types of HDMI cables: standard, standard with Ethernet, high speed, and high speed with ethernet
  • Instead of being caught somewhere without the right cords and cables that they need for a presentation, many people bring along an entire arsenal of available projects.
  • Once is more than enough when it comes to being somewhere for an important presentation and be short a cable or cord that you need.
  • New devices often merit a new set of cables, connectors, and cords.

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