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Need A Few Electronics Ideas For 2019′s Stocking Stuffers? CAT6 Cables Are A Prime Choice

Written by Technology Magazine on September 30th, 2019. Posted in Bulk cat5e cable, Coaxial cable, Usb 3.2 cables

The holiday season is right around the corner. That means seeking out the latest gadgets and gizmos to usher in the new year. …There’s only one problem.

You’ve got no idea where to even start looking. Should you gift your significant other better cell phone cable accessories? How about improving the house’s entertainment set-up? Whatever has been lacking in your home as of late, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Understanding what and what not to buy is a matter of getting your terminology straight.

It’s time to get off on the right foot before Christmas arrives! Ethernet cable types, CAT6 cables, and cell phone accessories will all be detailed below.

Better Cell Phone Cable Accessories Are An Always Welcome Gift

No matter who you’re gifting this holiday season, better cell phone cable accessories will put a smile on anyone’s face. The cell phone is one of the most accessible and handy forms of technology today. Unfor

Here are 3 Things to Know About GPS NTP Time Servers

Written by Technology Magazine on September 17th, 2019. Posted in Network time synchronization, Wifi digital clock

Keeping time has been a major part of human civilization since almost the beginning of history. Humans have been keeping time for 5,000 to 6,000 years. The ancient Egyptians were the first to tell time by using obelisks as primitive sundials, while the first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century. Today, in the 21st century, many people tell time using some form of digital clock or time keeping device. There are several network time servers that work to tell time and keep score digitally, including GPS NTP time servers. This article will be taking a look at several things you should know about GPS NTP time servers.

  • They Use Network Time Protocol: One thing to know about GPS NTP time servers is that they operate using something known as Network Time Protocol. In operation since before 1985, Network Time Protocol (general

What Local SEO Can Do

Written by Technology Magazine on September 17th, 2019. Posted in Best internet marketing companies, Miami seo company, Small business seo packages

There is no doubt that marketing is still an essential part of any business’s growth, and every year, millions of dollars and a lot of hours are spent to research new and more effective methods of marketing and advertisement. Many recent studies have shown that two main routes exist for marketing, both of them effective: digital marketing, and physical marketing. While physical marketing concerns itself with signs and posters, a digital marketing agency may offer Internet-based marketing work such as local SEO, content creation, and more. What is local SEO, anyway, and how can good webpage design attract more customers? While physical signs appeal to consumers who are out and about, digital marketing firms appeal to any website user who is looking for something to buy. Internet marketing experts are certain that this trend will continue well into the future, too.

Local SEO and More

What is SEO, anyway? This is “search engine optimization,” and it is an important branch of