Need A Few Electronics Ideas For 2019’s Stocking Stuffers? CAT6 Cables Are A Prime Choice

The holiday season is right around the corner. That means seeking out the latest gadgets and gizmos to usher in the new year. …There’s only one problem.

You’ve got no idea where to even start looking. Should you gift your significant other better cell phone cable accessories? How about improving the house’s entertainment set-up? Whatever has been lacking in your home as of late, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Understanding what and what not to buy is a matter of getting your terminology straight.

It’s time to get off on the right foot before Christmas arrives! Ethernet cable types, CAT6 cables, and cell phone accessories will all be detailed below.

Better Cell Phone Cable Accessories Are An Always Welcome Gift

No matter who you’re gifting this holiday season, better cell phone cable accessories will put a smile on anyone’s face. The cell phone is one of the most accessible and handy forms of technology today. Unfortunately, this can also lead many to take it for granted. Consider buying a new charging cable as a stocking stuffer, as well as a small list of useful charging tips. It’s recommended by today’s experts phones be charged when they reach 40%, not 0%, to reduce strain on the battery.

Create A Smoother Internet Experience With CAT6 Cables

Here’s where things get a little more technical. The function of a CAT cable is, at its root, to provide a smoother Internet experience. These are connected to the various parts of your computer — from your router to your modem — and are essential make sure you’re receiving a consistent signal. The CAT6 cables are today’s most impressive versions, designed as the go-to choice for enthusiasts and professionals. For those in your life that need a small boost, however, CAT5e is considered perfectly adept.

Beef Up The Entertainment Center With Improved HDMI Cables

Do you and your family love to stream Netflix or play videogames? This is one area you won’t want to overlook on your shopping list. Updated HDMI cables are vital for ensuring your audio and video quality doesn’t drop at a crucial moment. The HDMI 2.0 hardware is a great option for all lifestyles, supporting bandwidth up to 18 Gb per second. Pair these with updated CAT6 cables and you’ll have a set-up that’ll last you — or a good friend — for years.

Protect Your Investment With A Solid Surge Protector

Why stop at buying new HDMI to DVI cables? Protect your new investment with a surge protector built for tough situations. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 80% of surveyed professionals say surge protection is a necessity to protect equipment. The number of joules listed for a surge protector represents the energy absorption rating. It’s best to consider a surge protector with a rating of 2500 or more to hold up to a future storm.

Upgrade A Phone With The Latest In Apple Technology

The most obvious choice — and no less important — is a new phone. Models come and go, but some withstand the test of time through a commitment to quality. Americans today vastly prefer Apple products for their accessibility and variety, with the iPhone 7 accounting for nearly 10% of smartphone sales. In fact, it’s estimated nearly 400 iPhones in general are sold every minute. Consider adding a Mac, Apple Watch, or iPod to the wishlist next time you’re out.

Prepare for the holiday season right. Add the newest USB cables, CAT6 cables, or charging cables to your list.

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