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Improving Your Online Marketing with Pay Per Click Searches

Written by Technology Magazine on March 25th, 2016. Posted in Pay per click traffic, Ppc campaign management, Ppc marketing services

Adwords pay per click

The internet has quickly become an important part of marketing for any business. A high percentage of people are on the internet for many hours a day. They do much of their communicating and their shopping via the internet. Any business that wants to remain successful must somehow incorporate online marketing into their marketing campaigns. Some marketing campaigns even include the ability for payment based on clicks to a website. A Bing paid search is a great marketing tool for businesses.

85% of retailers surveyed said that search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic. When someone is searching for a specific item, they often rely on the internet first. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. If they find an item that they are

5 Ways to Know if You Have a Virus

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2016. Posted in Computer management athens ga, It athens ga, It support athens ga

Computer repair athens ga

The amount of fraud and identity theft that goes on in the world is scary. We all know that we need virus protection and IT management every now again with a good tune up and check up of our computers. However, how can we tell if there is something happening with in out networks that could be potentially detrimental to more than just our computers? If someone can hack in to your computer, chances are they are going to be able to get in to all of your personal information and it won’t be a good scene. Trying to sort out a mess than that can be a huge hassle and cost a lot of money that we never planned on spending. Retaining computer services to engage in network repair is a good idea if

Checking Your Bones With an X-Ray is Important, But Your Equipment?

Written by Technology Magazine on March 9th, 2016. Posted in 3d ct scan, Industrial fiber analysis, Industrial x-ray inspection

3d measurement

The ability to see the bones inside of your body is a form of technology that’s not only amazing, but very important. From industrial CT scans to 3D imaging, the medical community has made significant advances to ensure your personal health. But industrial x-ray equipment can be used for more than just looking at bones! The fields of medicine and science have allowed x-rays to go beyond the doctor’s office and into the industrial field.

The good news is that industrial x-ray equipment, as well as all other industrial medical equipment, must go through rigorous tests to ensure its functionality and durability. Digital x-rays are truly amazing. No matter the size of the part