Checking Your Bones With an X-Ray is Important, But Your Equipment?

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The ability to see the bones inside of your body is a form of technology that’s not only amazing, but very important. From industrial CT scans to 3D imaging, the medical community has made significant advances to ensure your personal health. But industrial x-ray equipment can be used for more than just looking at bones! The fields of medicine and science have allowed x-rays to go beyond the doctor’s office and into the industrial field.

The good news is that industrial x-ray equipment, as well as all other industrial medical equipment, must go through rigorous tests to ensure its functionality and durability. Digital x-rays are truly amazing. No matter the size of the part, objects as small as .5 millimeters and as large as one square meter can be seen with this machine.

No matter the type of medical equipment, accuracy is key. The first CT scanners took days to process and spit out the raw data needed to construct an image, and even after that, constructing the image took days afterwards. Today, CT scanners can produce an image from millions of data points in mere seconds. Industrial CT scanning equipment can be used for more than just medicine, though. It is often used in the construction and deconstruction of tools and other objects in an industrial field. This kind of technology requires constant maintenance and monitoring to ensure it is working properly. With this kind of technology images can be reconstructed into 3D images in seconds, and even further, can be used to reverse engineer objects.

The industrial scanning process allows customers to evaluate the durability of an object without taking it apart or damaging it. Using industrial x-ray equipment or CT equipment to do this is called NDT (non-destructive testing)inspection. In this way, an object can be used safely immediately after the scan has been completed. While x-rays and CT scans are crucial in the medical field, they can be used outside of it as well. So not only is the structural integrity of your body safe, so is the structure of the world around you.

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