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Get a Charge When You Invest in a New Cell Phone Cable!

Written by Technology Magazine on July 10th, 2016. Posted in Bulk fiber optic cables, Hdmi to dvi cable, Ipad power lightning cables

Crossover cable

There’s a good chance that we simply plug our phones in without thinking about the technology that allows us to do so. Words like “USB cables” and “cell phone cables” are so ubiquitous these days that we take them for granted. There is an enormous amount of cords that wire us in to the digital world — everything from connecting to the Internet, transferring pictures, emails, and more from device to device, bringing music, movies, and TV shows from the theatre into our own homes, and so much more with cell phone accessories. Continue Reading No Comments

Wall Thickness Analysis Why It Is Important

Written by Technology Magazine on July 7th, 2016. Posted in 3d scanning, Laser scanning services, X-ray inspection

X-ray ct

With the rise of industrial CT scanning has come a much easier way of testing and developing products in the field before they get to the market. This can save companies time and money, not to mention make the buying and searching experience much better and more streamlined for the customers. Wall thickness analysis, among many other types of assembly analysis, is one of those things that has come out of industrial CT scanning services.

A wall thickness analysis is specifically designed to help identify any variations in wall thickness, which ends up costs the manufacturer a lot of money, especially if they are producing large amounts of a product with that particular defect.

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