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4 Major Hotel Improvements With Hotel Reservations Software

Written by Technology Magazine on March 14th, 2017. Posted in Bed and breakfast reservation software, Hotel technology, Property management system hotel

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The internet has not only become an important aspect in our lives, but is has also become necessary to many of our everyday functions. Think about how much your use the internet when planning one single family vacation. You probably research possible locations and activities in that location. You might have even looked at food choices in the area. When it came time to book your hotel and air travel, you likely logged into the internet. The latest trends in hotel industry technology are beneficial in more ways than booking. You will find, with the coming years that vacation travel is even more convenient because of use of technology.

Ability to price shop

Perhaps the best thing about internet usage in hospitality management software systems is the ability to price shop with

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Your Home Security System

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2017. Posted in Commercial security system omaha, Security cameras omaha, Security systems omaha

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Did you know that home security systems date all the way back to the days of Ancient Rome? Back then, when a person wanted to protect their home from burglary, they would attach a spring-loaded knife to the door, so that if anyone tried to enter it without first disarming the knife… you know what would happen.

We aren’t saying this is the most effective way to protect your home. Actually, this is a terrible way to protect your home. We could give you a list of at least ten reasons to never install this type of home security system (in case you were planning to…). However, that wouldn’t be a very useful list. Instead, we’re going to give you a list of things to make sure you consider while planning your home security system:

Four Things to Consider While Planning Your Hom

Three Issues To Consider When Choosing New Hires

Written by Technology Magazine on March 1st, 2017. Posted in Executive placement agency, Human resources consulting firms, Outplacement company

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At the moment, the job market is very much geared towards those searching for jobs, more so perhaps than companies searching for employees. While this is great for potential employees, it can in a sense negatively impact companies looking for new employees, and for that matter companies that want to retain employees. It’s one thing to have competent, talented staff on hand — it’s another thing entirely to entice them to stay. The issue with hiring great people is that other companies will soon recognize their talents and attempt to “poach” them; however, it’s not as if any company can afford to hire subpar employees just because they’ll be more likely to stay. With that being said, this is why many companies choose to use executive HR search firms. Executive HR search firms, Continue Reading No Comments