Four Things You Didn’t Know About Your Home Security System

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Did you know that home security systems date all the way back to the days of Ancient Rome? Back then, when a person wanted to protect their home from burglary, they would attach a spring-loaded knife to the door, so that if anyone tried to enter it without first disarming the knife… you know what would happen.

We aren’t saying this is the most effective way to protect your home. Actually, this is a terrible way to protect your home. We could give you a list of at least ten reasons to never install this type of home security system (in case you were planning to…). However, that wouldn’t be a very useful list. Instead, we’re going to give you a list of things to make sure you consider while planning your home security system:

Four Things to Consider While Planning Your Home Security System

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All

    If the home security provider you are working with is trying to sell you on an out-of-the-box package that isn’t custom fit to your home, there’s a good chance that you are not getting the protection you need. Every home is different. Every home’s vulnerabilities is different. Every home’s valuables are different. Before getting a security system installation, a security expert should go through your home with you and help you set up a custom plan that best protects your home and family.

  2. Think Outside the Security Alarm

    When you think of a security system, you’re probably thinking of the little censor that goes over the door that triggers an alarm if someone walked through the door when it was armed. This was the extent of home security systems in the 90s. However, security technology has progressed so much in the last two decades. Now, there are surveillance systems that alert you if there is any motion in or around your home, and sends a feed straight to your smart phone. If anyone even drives past your home, you’ll have video footage of it that is uploaded to the cloud in real time.

    In fact, this protects more than just your home; it’s like the world’s greatest form of community watch. The more of your neighbors who have good surveillance systems installed, the less likely there will be any crime in your neighborhood to begin with, because the chances of being caught are so great.

  3. Security Systems Aren’t Just for Security

    Although the main premise of a security system is to protect your family from home invasion or burglary, modern home security systems provide so much more protection for your family. The infrastructure in place to alert the authorities if your home has been broken into can be used to alert the fire department if your home smoke detectors are triggered. It can be used to alert you if there are harmful gases sensed. In fact, the security system is a quick and direct way to alert emergency personal if you ever have any cause to, for any reason at all. The bottom line is there are a variety of applications that makes a security system beneficial to the safety of the people in your home.
  4. Consider Added Protection on Things That Need It

    Setting up a standard home security system protects your entire home and family to a degree, but many times, theft comes from people who you allow in your home and passed your security system. Let’s say you have a birthday party for a child. During the chaos of the event, someone slips into your room and makes off with a priceless piece of jewelry. If you have valuables inside the home that are of greater value, you might not realize you have options to amp up the protection on them, whether or not a person gets passed your overall security. There are security options that alert you if an item (such as your jewelry box or a valuable painting on the wall) have been tampered with. There are security options that would immediately set off an alarm, which would draw attention to the situation and discourage anyone from taking a valuable to begin with.

    If you have items that are particularly valuable, this is an aspect you should discuss with your security provider.

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