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A Closer Look At Digital Marketing And How It Is Conducted

Written by Technology Magazine on October 16th, 2019. Posted in Search engine optimization knoxville tn, Social media management marco island fl

The world of marketing has changed quite dramatically over the course of recent years, of this there is simply no doubt. In many cases, this change can be attributed to the spread of the internet and widespread internet usage. After all, most of us use the internet as a part of our daily lives. We use it to learn things, we use it to work, we use it for various leisure purposes. In addition to this, we even use the internet as a means of connection between ourselves. Various social media platforms have become hugely popular indeed, with most people, at least here in the United States, having at least one social media platform. And most of us have far more than just the one. For many people, social media interaction and engagement make up and important part of life indeed.

Therefore, it is clear that social media services and social media management is an important part of digital marketing and brand engagement for just about any given brand or company out there. After all, going w

A Look At The Troubling Issue Of Employee Retention Rates Throughout The United States

Written by Technology Magazine on October 2nd, 2019. Posted in Hr executive recruiting firms, Hr executive search, Human resources consultant

Employee retention rates have been something of a concern for a number of years now. As a matter of fact, the data is more than in support of this claim. Data gathered on the subject of employee retention has found that up to two and a half plus million workers left their jobs in the June of the year of 2015 alone, leaving their jobs on a voluntary basis, for that matter. This marked a more than one quarter increase in the number of people voluntarily leaving jobs from the June of the year prior and is a trend that has unfortunately only continued to grow.

Sadly, millennial employees have largely taken the blame for such issues seen throughout the working world. They have even become known as the job hopping generation, a moniker based on data that found that up to 60% of all millennial employees would be more than willing to leave their current job if it meant that they were able to get a better one down the line. Unfortunately, this is something that is very much not the fault o