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Are You Prepared For When a Cyber Attack Hits?

Written by Technology Magazine on March 30th, 2018. Posted in Sql consulting companies, Sql server consultants, Types of database security

Sql consulting

Cyber attacks happen all the time to a variety of businesses, which is why you always want to be prepared. An SQL database designer or some other type of SQL server expert might be able to help show you how to secure SQL server database so that you can protect yourself if your business is in the midst of possible cyber attacks and you have information that means everything to you. Many businesses and personal accounts contain protected information that you don’t want to lose, which is why it is important to understand how cyber attacks can easily affect your system and cause issues in your everyday life.

The Risk of Cyberattacks on Your Business

The FBI states that more than 4

8 Metal Items You Can See Right Now That Were Fabricated

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Fabricated metal is pretty much everywhere you look. Look around you right now, and you’ll probably see at least five things that rely on metal fabrication. This is why fabricated metals are the third largest American manufacturing industry in terms of the number of employees. For this industry to run smoothly, welding companies, welding equipment manufacturers, and fabrication engineers are all essential. So, look around you. What do you see?

  1. Phone: The shape of your phone, its internal parts, and everything metal inside and out has been fabricated by workers in a manufacturing company.
  2. Laptop: Your laptop or desktop computer is a prime example of a electronic device reliant on fabrication.
  3. Keys: Locksmiths and key makers are a niche career to be sure, but they fabricate metals all the same.
  4. Doorknob: If you’re inside, you’re likely able to see a doorknob right now. If you do, just know that they are made out of steel, brass, or another fabricated metal alloy.
  5. Utensils: If you’re in the kitchen or are enjoying a lovely bowl of soup at your desk, you are using a fabricated utensil. Forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, and whisks are all manufactured by metalworking companies.
  6. Springs: While you might not see them, there are springs in your mattress, couch, car, pen, and countless other goods in close proximity to you right now.
  7. Beams: As with springs, metal beams are used in the construction of most buildings. Reinforced concrete, the base for most homes, has rebar inside. This too is a fabricated metal.
  8. Cars: Engines, suspension components, brake lines, body panels, and basically every mechanical part of a car is fabricated and then secured by welding companies.

The fact of the matter is, fabricated metals are used in almost every aspect of your lives. We depend on the ability to mold, shape, and build products out of a sturdy material in order to live modern lives. This is made possible by the many manufacturing and welding companies that have skilled workers charged with crafting the goods Americans need. If you need fabrication services of your own, contact us today to inquire about your product’s requirements.

Solar Installations From Industry Growth to Reduced Cost

Written by Technology Magazine on March 28th, 2018. Posted in Dispense valve, Gear metering system, Gear metering systems

Dispensing solutions

If your business manufactures, installs, or is otherwise involved within the solar power field, then you’re aware that this industry is experiencing substantial growth. The Solar Energy Industries Association reported that there are over 9,000 companies throughout 50 states that are involved within this industry. Furthermore, these companies employ almost 250,000 American workers.

Supplying Earth’s Energy Needs

Solar panels could supply the Earth’s population with all of the energy that is needed. It’s been determined that if just 0.0005% of our planet’s surface was covered with solar panels, all energy goals could be met. Given this, more solar panels are being installed and with greater frequency.

Existing Solar Installations

In 2016, there were 1.6 million solar installatio

Company Decisions About Cypersecurity Are Important

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Cybersecurity is more important today than ever before. From small businesses to large corporations, in fact, network access protection services, including cybersecurity companies are responsible for the safety of the digital data that runs so much of our lives and our businesses. Without the right kind of cybersecurity in place, the financial information of companies and the personal information of individuals is at risk.
Endpoint cyber security solution needs can vary from industry to industry so it is important to work closely with any provider that you select. Fortunately, these providers are accustomed t

Stay Competitive Within the Industrial Machinery Business With Hydraulic Power Take-offs and Other Essential Tools

Written by Technology Magazine on March 26th, 2018. Posted in High torque clutch, Pilotless mechanical pto, Pto clutch

Hydraulic power take off

Since you’re in the industrial machinery business, there’s a good chance you use hydraulic power take offs and industrial clutches along with other necessary equipment. Business is expanding within the industrial machinery industry, and this growth is expected to continue.

A Few Details About the Power Take Off

The power take-off (PTO) and drive shaft will operate at 540 rotations per minute or nine times per second. When hydraulic PTO and drive shaft are operating at the full recommended speed, however, this will be 1,000 rotations per minute, or 16.6 times per second. Given these speeds, it’s important to ensure that all safety precautions are followed.

The Occupational Safety a

PCB Manufacturing Services Provide a Number of Products in a Variety of Price Ranges

Written by Technology Magazine on March 23rd, 2018. Posted in Pcb fabrication and assembly, Pcb quotes, Small batch pcb assembly

Pcb quotes

Behind that handy television remote are complicated circuit board assembly services. Behind the microwave that you use every day to reheat your meals are circuit board assembly services. In fact, behind of most of the items that we use every day in our lives is some kind of prototype PCB assembly. And while consumers do not often thing about what is behind the scene in their modern day conveniences, the fact of the matter is that if it were not for the continued and affordable development of the PCB industry.
From typica

Why We Should Recycle Our E Waste As Much As We Can

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2018. Posted in E waste san francisco, Electronic trash disposal

San francisco electronics recycling

E waste recycling San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and around the world. No matter where you are, E waste recycling San Francisco or elsewhere is important. In fact, in the world that we live in now, waste is excessive in ways that can be prevented or are not necessary. For instance, nearly 300,000 tons of computers were thrown in the trash in 2010 alone. In that same year in the United States, over 400,000 tons of computer monitors were thrown away and nearly one million tons of televisions ended up in landfills. The disposal of mobile phones is also a problem, with nearly 20,000 tons thrown away in 2010 alone. Continue Reading No Comments

How Text Analytics are Important for Border Security and Business

Written by Technology Magazine on March 13th, 2018. Posted in Event extraction software, Event extraction software engine, What is name matching

Sentiment analysis for brand reputation

Concept extraction software, advanced geotagging, and other forms of big data analysis are part of the effort to improve border security and provide value for businesses. Here are the important facts to know about concept extraction software, opinion mining, name matching software and more:

How is Text Analytics Useful For Security?

Named entity recognition or concept extraction software can greatly improve border security. All types of text analytics allow for dangers to be identified near the border and at the time of s

Workforce Management Options

Written by Technology Magazine on March 9th, 2018. Posted in Payroll management system, Workforce management solutions, Workforce management system

Workforce management software

There are some terms worth noting at the start of this article that are important. They are there to provide an ease to view the article in terms of terms that are helpful. They are workforce management, workforce management software, workforce management solution, workforce management solutions, workforce management tool, and more.

There are some statistics worth noting at the start of this article as well. They are there to give a more detailed overview on the topics that will be discussed in this article. They are:

  • 68% of respondents said they are still developing their strategy for workforce management.
  • 56% of respondents outsource their payroll technology hosting, maintenance, and support.
  • 86% of respondents said they use a minimum of one technology for workf

4 Important Reasons to Utilize Location Intelligence Software

Written by Technology Magazine on March 1st, 2018. Posted in Geospatial analysis software, Geospatial mapping, Location intelligence solutions

Spatial data analysis

A recent report that was conducted by the company MarketsandMarkets found that the market concerning geospatial analytics is expected to rise to nearly $72.21 billion by the year 2020. Considering that, it’s wise to ensure that your business is ready to take action in regards to the popularity of this type of data. That being said, many businesses partner with location intelligence companies in order to obtain the right kind of solutions. With that in mind, here are four reasons every business should consider utilizing location intelligence software.

  1. Helps Your Digital Marketing Efforts Excel

    In modern times, it’s relatively simple for companies to set up m