8 Metal Items You Can See Right Now That Were Fabricated

Fabricated metal is pretty much everywhere you look. Look around you right now, and you’ll probably see at least five things that rely on metal fabrication. This is why fabricated metals are the third largest American manufacturing industry in terms of the number of employees. For this industry to run smoothly, welding companies, welding equipment manufacturers, and fabrication engineers are all essential. So, look around you. What do you see?

  1. Phone: The shape of your phone, its internal parts, and everything metal inside and out has been fabricated by workers in a manufacturing company.
  2. Laptop: Your laptop or desktop computer is a prime example of a electronic device reliant on fabrication.
  3. Keys: Locksmiths and key makers are a niche career to be sure, but they fabricate metals all the same.
  4. Doorknob: If you’re inside, you’re likely able to see a doorknob right now. If you do, just know that they are made out of steel, brass, or another fabricated metal alloy.
  5. Utensils: If you’re in the kitchen or are enjoying a lovely bowl of soup at your desk, you are using a fabricated utensil. Forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, and whisks are all manufactured by metalworking companies.
  6. Springs: While you might not see them, there are springs in your mattress, couch, car, pen, and countless other goods in close proximity to you right now.
  7. Beams: As with springs, metal beams are used in the construction of most buildings. Reinforced concrete, the base for most homes, has rebar inside. This too is a fabricated metal.
  8. Cars: Engines, suspension components, brake lines, body panels, and basically every mechanical part of a car is fabricated and then secured by welding companies.

The fact of the matter is, fabricated metals are used in almost every aspect of your lives. We depend on the ability to mold, shape, and build products out of a sturdy material in order to live modern lives. This is made possible by the many manufacturing and welding companies that have skilled workers charged with crafting the goods Americans need. If you need fabrication services of your own, contact us today to inquire about your product’s requirements.

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