Are You Looking for Affordable HDMI Highspeed Cables?

Written by Technology Magazine on June 18th, 2017. Posted in 75 ft ethernet cable, Cat6 ethernet cables, Usb 3 cables

Cat5e ethernet cable

The life giving umbilical cord that connects us to our mothers when we are in the womb may have been the first connection that we all had to a source of power, but it is certainly not the last time that we are anxious to staying connected. From USB cables to to zipcord fiber optic cables and from 100 ft HDMI cables to the various cell phone cable accessories that we all use, few would argue that we are a connected society.
As every new release of a phone or tablet comes out, so too are new versions of charging cords and accessories like 100 ft HDM

CAT5 or CAT6? Choosing the Right Ethernet Cable For Your Needs

Written by Technology Magazine on May 9th, 2017. Posted in 75 ft ethernet cable, Bulk usb cables, Cat5 cables

Hdmi cables

How familiar are you with computers? In today’s world, you’re likely to be fairly comfortable with using a desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etcetera. But do you understand the effect a CAT5 cable has on your connection to the internet? How about the difference between using a USB 2.0 extension cable? These are common terms in tech, and yet the average person isn’t comfortable discussing these variables because they simply do not understand how a different cable can speed up their internet connection. Fear no more: below are a few key terms to help you understand tech speak, at least those terms that relate to making your internet connection ever faster.

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