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Can Your Company Benefit From Executive Search Services?

Written by Technology Magazine on December 27th, 2017. Posted in Bottles and containers, Consumer technologies, Military transition recruiting service

Supply chain  recruiting

When your company is looking to add to your executive team, it can be difficult to find the right candidates. You want someone with the right experience who is also a good fit for your company. This is why many companies choose to hire a IoT-analytics-guide-Understanding-Internet-of-Things-data” Title=”For more information related to Retained executive recruiters”>recruiting company and retained executive recruiters. These experts are trained to find the right applicants for your business. But is this service right for you? The following are just some of the benefit

Looking to Jumpstart Your Career? Look no Further

Written by Technology Magazine on December 20th, 2017. Posted in Executive staffing agency, Human resources executive recruiters, Talent acquisition management services

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Perhaps your career hasn’t been taking off the way you wanted it to. Maybe you finished high school, some college, or maybe even completed college but you’re still having trouble finding the job you believe you were destined for. There are many reasons why applicants aren’t getting the jobs they were hoping for.

The Problem With Workers

The top executive recruiting firms know that the way careers are kept over the years is forever changing. It isn’t because the new generation is lazy, either, but because of various changing trends. In fact, in many cases, a failed skills match is the reason why people are not hired – not performance issues on behalf of the potential employee. Workers are voluntarily leaving their jobs in excess as well. Perhaps they believed that the job consis

What Do PCB Manufacturing Companies Do and Why Are They so Important?

Written by Technology Magazine on December 19th, 2017. Posted in Pcb assembly service, Pcb prototype assembly, Pcb prototype service

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There are many things that make the world go ’round, both literally and metaphorically. In the literal sense, the difference in the Earth’s polar magnetic fields and a number of other factors cause it to gracefully rotate on its axis. However in the metaphorical or proverbial sense, electronics continue to make the world go ’round and around and around.

Just think; where would the world be without electricity? Better yet, where would the world be without electronics and digital devices such as computers and smart phones? And even better yet, where would the world be without the printed circuit boards (PCB’s) that make the existence of digital devices possible? The world may not end if PCB manufacturing companies ceased to exist, but it would sure stop going “spinning” in a figurative sense.


Technology Departments Continue to Adjust to Changes in Laws and Regulations

Written by Technology Magazine on December 16th, 2017. Posted in Meraki consultants, Meraki support, Selecting a meraki reseller

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This is the weekend when everyone is thinking about the internet and the cost of backing up all of the personal and business data that they have. This is the weekend when everyone is thinking about the access, costs, firewalls, and everything that has anything to do with digital data. Less than a week after the government has voted three to one to end net neutrality, it should come as no surprise that the entire country is wondering how changes to the cost of internet access might affect them. From selecting a Meraki reseller or other provider to working with firewall experts to continue protecting data, many large and small businesses may be forced to rethink everything they have known so far when it comes to internet access and security.
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Clocks Keeping Time for Centuries

Written by Technology Magazine on December 14th, 2017. Posted in Gps time source, Ntp wall clock, Strikefirst

Network time machine

There are various types of ways that we keep time today. It’s not just the simplicity of looking at your digital clock on the side of your table anymore. Humans have been keeping time for about 5,000 years. Now we have clocks available on our computer screens, and on the phones we enjoy speaking on and browsing on the internet on every day. Some of the most popular types of clocks today are wifi digital clocks, the beloved poe clock, a GPS clock, and more – and we will focus on each one today.

Wifi Digital Clocks

We believe that the power of the internet is one of the most integral ways to tell time, a very informative way to find out what you need just like all else. Wifi-clocks use your network to display the same accurate time throughout an entire campus or business. This is vital

The 4 Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm

Written by Technology Magazine on December 10th, 2017. Posted in Life sciences recruiter, Project management, Sales manager

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Turnover is hard on businesses across the United States. There are a lot of reasons for this. The act of merely finding people to interview, for all positions at a company, has gotten harder and harder over the years. In 2013, 71% of respondents to a survey about this reported that they have a hard time finding qualified people to fill openings. Hiring the wrong person for a job can be disastrous. Businesses who retained executive recruiters had a much better time with the experience.

Here are some reasons to consider using recruitment services:

  1. It is a very cost effective way to hire new high level personnel. It takes a lot of time to hire the right person, for just about every position in your company. The higher up on the latter the opening is, the harder it will be to find the ri

Sublimation Heat Presses Can Help Companies Produce High Quality Images

Written by Technology Magazine on December 4th, 2017. Posted in Heat press machines, Heat press replacement parts, Heat transfer

Sublimation presses

In a world that relies on technology, it should come as no surprise that you even the t-shirts that we wear rely on sublimation presses and multi-purpose heat presses. In fact, the presses the print t-shirts are the major asset to companies that want to be able to provide quick turn around to all kinds of customers. From athletic shirts to promotional items for a fundraising events, a multi-purpose heat press can help produce a number of products with a very short turn around.
A major advantage to a high end multi-purpose heat press is that even a single business person can start a t-shirt design business.

What Text Mining Software Does

Written by Technology Magazine on November 30th, 2017. Posted in Entity resolution software, Link extraction software, Semantic links

Emotion ai

In the year of 2007, the company Apple released the first version of the iPhone. Since this date, technology has expanded and developed in ways that many people could not have predicted possible. Now, technology plays a part in everyone’s day to day lives and has changed how people interact with many things in society.

Technology has been updated in a way that has allowed for easier communication. Thanks to the creation of social media, instant messaging, and texting, people can communicate in ways that are much easier and much quicker than ever before. This has now lead to many changes in society as things become ramped up and people can communicate with one another in such a direct manner.

Now that texting is so popular amongst not just people in the United States but people across the globe, there is

Four Important Considerations of Advanced Geotagging Features

Written by Technology Magazine on November 27th, 2017. Posted in Cyber security extraction, Emotion ai, Text analytics

Unstructured text

Digital marketing is not only important, but crucial for business success today. With a large percentage of businesses on the internet in some way or another, many businesses are moving the majority of their marketing efforts to the digital world. With advanced digital tools and more targeted information than ever before, businesses can significantly increase their success with digital marketing.

Advanced geotagging and its contribution to digital marketing

Marketing is about understanding the customer and their buying habits. It is an attempt to understand what your customer needs and when they are searching for it. What if this information was provided to you? What if you could know not only when your customer needed an item, but also when they were geographically near your physical l

PCB 101: Everything You Need to Know to Build a Knowledge of PCB Assembly

Written by Technology Magazine on November 22nd, 2017. Posted in Pcb assembly quote, Pcb fabrication

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Did you know that circuit board manufacturing reached $44 billion of revenue in 2014? Circuit boards are in just about every electronic device on the market these days. In fact, practically every electronic device you own, from your phone to your gaming console, wouldn’t be able to function without one.

But what exactly is a circuit board? How are they made? If you’re curious about the answers to either of those questions, you’re in the right place. Circuit board assembly and PCB fabrication are fascinating processes, and we’re here to teach you the basics. Here’s a short introduction to the world of prototype PCB assembly.

What’s a PCB?
PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. PCB is the most commonly used term, but “printed wiring boards” is another term commonly used to refer to PCBs. Before the height of PCB, circuits were made with point-to-point wiring processes. Not only were these processes long and tedious, they led to very short lifespans for circuit boards. Now, technology allows for a much faster, more effective PCB fabrication process. In addition, modern PCB production allows the final product to be built to a higher quality and to last much longer than its predecessors.

What is a PCB made of?
There are many layers to PCB production, and to the PCBs themselves. Alternating layers of different materials are laminated together in order to create a single, cohesive, and operational product. The base material in a printed circuit board is typically fiberglass. Fiberglass is used if a PCB needs a solid, inflexible base. For those PCBs in need of more flexibility, a high-temperature plastic is a common substitution. The thickness of a PCB depends on the manufacturer as well as its intended purpose. For example, a large, thick PCB wouldn’t be necessary for a smartphone.

Different Manufacturing Processes
Again, the type of PCB depends on the manufacturing process. A low volume PCB assembly would handle small batches of PCB fabrication. Low volume PCB services typically are defined as less than 5,000 units in a single batch.

Stay tuned for more PCB basics blogs if you’re ready to learn more!