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Five Mistakes you are Probably Making in Digital Marketing

Written by Technology Magazine on October 18th, 2017. Posted in Increase website conversions, Website marketing services, What to look for when hiring a web developer

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Are you struggling to reach new customers on the internet? Do you post daily to your social media and regularly update your website to get minimal results? Many businesses find it difficult to reach a large number of customers, despite the internet and digital marketing practices. These are some of the most common mistakes.

Your web services are not user friendly
Having a website is not enough, especially in today?s highly technological times. Consumers have many options and can easily find these options at the click of a button. If your web services are not user friendly, the user will simply exit out of the website and choose a different one. It is also unlikely that they will return again. The website needs to be professional, user friendly, and also responsive. Responsive

How Hosting Virtual Trade Shows Can Save You Time and Money

Written by Technology Magazine on September 27th, 2017. Posted in Online events, Online webinars, Virtual trade show platform

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Are you the owner of a business who is looking for ways to reach more customers? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of business owners just like you have a fantastic product that they just need to get into more hands. Many of those business owners go to conferences, trade shows, and other types of events to promote their product, but this is an incredibly costly option. The good news for you is that with the incredible advances in technology, you can now be apart of these events virtually! Below are three innovative examples of exactly this:

1. Virtual Trade Shows - Using a virtual trade show platform allows your busi

2 Changes to Make to Improve Your Company and Impress Customers

Written by Technology Magazine on September 18th, 2017. Posted in Industrial document scanner, Mag stripe reader, Rfid scanner

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Is your business still relying on printing paper and taking cash over credit cards? It?s time to upgrade your systems so that you can become more efficient and customer-friendly. Now is the time to move past handling paper documents and using a cash register that only takes cash. If you want to grow your business and become more cost-effective in the long run, consider a variety of changes you can make to bring your business up-to-date with current trends and standards. Your customers will truly appreciate the changes you make and will be more likely to return to your business time and time again.

Interested in learning more about the changes you can make to become a more efficient and customer-friendly business? Keep reading for more information about why things like RFID card readers, full p

IT Solutions for Your Small Business

Written by Technology Magazine on September 9th, 2017. Posted in Computer tech support, It consulting services bloomington il, Network security company

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Are you a small to medium sized business owner who is looking for help with your information technology? Maybe you want to make sure your computer network security is as strong as it should be, or perhaps you just need to understand more about how IT consulting services may be a benefit to your business model. Whatever you need may be, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to information technology and your business. Below are three of those items:

1. The Importance of Computer Network Security - The computer network security of your business is crucial to your overall success, and if it is not taken seriously it can hurt your chances of obtaining new customers, i

Code Review Solutions and How They Can Become a Crucial Part of Your Workflow in Software Development

Written by Technology Magazine on August 23rd, 2017. Posted in Atlassian enterprise expert, Atlassian product upgrade, Find missing files

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If you own or manage a company that exists in the software development industry, it is likely that you already know about most of the challenges that you might face. The software industry is extremely competitive, and survival and success depends squarely on the ability to take advantage of new technologies and advancements in a manner that is intuitive and conducive to progress. It is the mindset that matters the most here, and that is what dictates your path towards the future. If you have been trying to develop software or solutions that provide real utility, it all comes down to the quality of the code that you have at hand. There exist a number of solutions in the market that can make your development process smoother, help you minimize mistakes and oversight, and allow you the peace of mind to inves

Are You Looking for a New Online Marketing Team?

Written by Technology Magazine on August 11th, 2017. Posted in Internet marketing companies, Seo bakersfield, Web designers

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The goal of the needed campaign is solely for reputation management. You want to hide a bad review. The new marketing company can provide you with many other services, from web design to keyword management, but the immediate goal is to hide the one bad review that was posted six months ago.
A disgruntled customer posted a very negative, very angry review without you realizing it. Unnoticed, that bad review had a serious effect on the internet traffic that was coming to your web site. Those decreased visits to your website meant that you had fewer online sales, and ultimately, fewer customers walking into your brick and mortar store. The drop in sales has been significant, and you want to find a marketing team that can help you bury that bad review.
You realize that while the new

Millions of Phone Users Will Accidentally Crack Their Screens

Written by Technology Magazine on August 10th, 2017. Posted in Computer repair service, Phone repair company, Phone repair service peoria

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The mobile phone market has exploded over the last few years and more and more people are choosing to use smartphones and tablets over desktop computers. The reason for this is easy accessibility and being able to access the web, email, and more while not being tied down to a desktop.

As a result, the phone repair company market has been quickly expanding as more consumers using cell phones equals more problems to resolve with these devices. It is estimated that a phone is damaged every two seconds by U.S. citizens.

Needless to say, that equates to a lot of new customers for phone repair or PC repair services who can assist these customers in getting their phones

The Most Common Pitfalls That Keep Average Websites From Being Great

Written by Technology Magazine on August 5th, 2017. Posted in B2b inbound marketing agency, B2b marketing agency, Business to business website

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Your website is often your first point of contact. Marketing, of course, is how you reach out to would-be customers and communicate to them what you have to offer. Many times, though, people will stumble upon your services while browsing themselves or through word-of-mouth. To keep things simple…how is your website holding up to the scrutiny? If you haven’t updated your layout in a few months or if you’re just learning what mobile-friendly design means, you need to pick up some B2B website design services. With digital branding the foundation for a modern success story, falling behind just isn’t an option.

First Impressions

You know the old adage — first impressions go a long way. Your website is the key to making your customer feel confident in your brand and what it has t

All The Facts About Trench Shoring

Written by Technology Magazine on August 2nd, 2017. Posted in Temporary road mats, Trench shoring, Trench shoring equipment

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There are many industries that go unnoticed in the modern world. Some of these unknown industries impact our lives every single day. One of those industries is reffered to as trench shoring. Trench shoring involves many of the foundations that support buildings and bridges. Considering the fact that there are 600,000 bridges in the United States, you more than likely have interactions with these bridges and thus trench shoring impacts your life.

The process of Shoring can be broken down into three different classes based on their supporting characteristics and/or their position in the space. They can be considered, Raking or Inclined Shores, Flying or Horizontal Shores, and Dead or Vertical shores. There are many different types of

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Business Digital Marketing Needs

Written by Technology Magazine on July 28th, 2017. Posted in Computer repair technicians, It consultant, Pay per click charleston

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Digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of a successful business plan. Without a digital marketing campaign, you will miss out on a large group of customers that primarily find and do business over digital forms. Because the digital marketing platform is complex and detailed, it can actually be more beneficial to outsource a digital marketing firm to handle these needs. Outsourcing a digital marketing firm provides the following benefits.

Creates a strong social media presence

Many digital marketing firms have advanced skills when it comes to social media. Facebook and other forms of social media can be especially beneficial in influencing customers buying decisions. In fact, an estimated 47% of Americans say that Facebook has had a larger influence