How Electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Work

Electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) have emerged as a pivotal advancement in bolstering security, particularly in the realms of border surveillance and safeguarding critical installations. A cutting-edge Fiber Optic Monitoring System lies at the heart of these electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems, ensuring a discreet yet robust approach to monitoring.

At the core of this system is a nearly imperceptible fiber optic cable, strategically placed along the perimeter.

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Whether buried underground or attached to fences and walls, this cable reacts to shocks, vibrations, and pressure, covering extensive distances of up to 100 kilometers in a single installation. Its inconspicuous nature makes it an effective yet unobtrusive guardian.

Encased in an outdoor unit, electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems prove versatile, serving both as fixed installations and for rapid deployment in the field. The system’s visibility on a map, complete with alarms and events pinpointed to precise locations, facilitates real-time monitoring. A waterfall chart visually represents all vibrations and movements near the cable, enabling security personnel to promptly identify potential threats.

Customizable alarm settings mitigate false alarms, and the system showcases intelligence in discerning between signatures of vehicles, people, and animals. Its ability to detect intruders approaching the cable, reinforced with metal for added security, fortifies the perimeter. Environmental influences such as snow, wind, and rain are filtered out, enhancing overall reliability.

Beyond terrestrial applications, this technology extends to underwater scenarios, securing coastal areas and monitoring seaport entrances. In summary, electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems redefine security paradigms, seamlessly integrating visibility, sensitivity, and adaptability to diverse environments. This innovative approach represents a significant stride in fortifying perimeters against potential threats.

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