Use of a GLP Testing Laboratory for Many Different Industries

Written by Technology Magazine on January 20th, 2020. Posted in Gmp 3, Icn radiochemicals, Radiolabeled compounds

Well, there is so much to consider in all sorts of testing in the medical field today. Whether it is for medical research, patient needs, or even for tests completed as requirements of employment, there is definitely one key point that comes along with all of this testing, and that list labeling. Many different types of labels are essential to help ensure that everything is recorded properly through every step of the process, even if it is included in testing across other fields in addition to medicine.

Labeling is an American industry all its own, with many different labeling processes included in a GLP testing laboratory and many others. These include chemistry, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and hundreds of others of which the American corporations own about half the global market. We are also the largest producer of chemical products in the world, hiring over 800,000 in the many different areas of this industry, most predominantly pharmaceuticals. And for that reason, we hav