How Search Agencies Can Help Companies Become More Diverse

Written by Technology Magazine on January 17th, 2020. Posted in Executive search consultants, Hr executive search firms chicago, Outplacement companies

As the way we do business continues to evolve due to changes in technology and business practices, it’s imperative that companies find the absolute best employees when they have job openings.

Within that goal to hire the absolute best, companies should continue to make diversity a top priority. At a time when what’s accepted as “normal” in society is constantly changing, a company’s actions must speak louder than its words. A company can’t just simply say that it values diversity, it must step up and actually show that as being true.

For any companies who are wondering, diversity (where hiring is concerned) means hiring a person based on merit without giving in to biases including race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation among other characteristics. If a company truly values diversity in its hiring processes, here are six ways to successfully incorporate diversity into filling a job vacancy:

  • Audit the current hiring process: If a compan

Outplacement Consulting Firms to Address Talent Acquisition and Retention

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Human resources consultants

When companies go through all the steps to recruit and hire the right employees, they expect them to remain with the company for a reasonable period of time. Employee retention, however, has become, and continues to be, a major issue for 57% of business organizations and companies.

Approximately 22% of new employees have left after 45 days from the initial date they were employed. When Vistage surveyed small and midsize business CEOs, 35% stated that their primary concern was staffing. Furthermore, this issue was twice as much a problem as the other issues they faced.

Reasons for this high turnover include temperament and poor performance. However, the major factor after performance-related issues is actually a poor skills match, according to a recent survey by Robert Half. When surveye