How Search Agencies Can Help Companies Become More Diverse

Written by Technology Magazine on January 17th, 2020. Posted in Executive search consultants, Hr executive search firms chicago, Outplacement companies

As the way we do business continues to evolve due to changes in technology and business practices, it’s imperative that companies find the absolute best employees when they have job openings.

Within that goal to hire the absolute best, companies should continue to make diversity a top priority. At a time when what’s accepted as “normal” in society is constantly changing, a company’s actions must speak louder than its words. A company can’t just simply say that it values diversity, it must step up and actually show that as being true.

For any companies who are wondering, diversity (where hiring is concerned) means hiring a person based on merit without giving in to biases including race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation among other characteristics. If a company truly values diversity in its hiring processes, here are six ways to successfully incorporate diversity into filling a job vacancy:

  • Audit the current hiring process: If a compan

Looking For A New Job? Executive Search Firms Want To Help You Find Employment

Written by Technology Magazine on October 30th, 2016. Posted in Human resources consultants, Outplacement companies, Outplacement service company

Human resources executive search firms

We spend an average of eight hours working every day, but in the event of an unplanned layoff, we may wonder how to best spend our time. Restructuring consulting firms want to help you find your next position, and people who put in the time to improve their resume and their visibility online may find themselves fielding job offers sooner than their peers. If you are in the grips of a layoff or restructuring, take the time to invest in yourself as a brand, and market yourself and your talents to a local HR executive search consultant.

The first thing to do is to revamp your resume. Experts say that you should be updating your resume about once per fiscal quarter in order to have it reflect your current skill set. Although we may feel a bit reluctant to include major work accomp