3 Types of Industrial Water Pumps

Basic water pumps can be found in a number of settings, but industrial water pumps are those used primarily for pumping water for industrial purposes. Industrial water pumps manufacturers can create a wide variety of water pumps to be used in different industries. The purpose of this article is to examine three types of industrial water pumps and how they function.

  • Centrifugal Pump: As its name implies, a centrifugal water pump uses centrifugal force to pump its water. This force is typically generated by means of a mechanical turbine located within the pump. Besides pumping water, centrifugal pumps can also be used to pump sewage and petroleum among other liquid substances.
  • Diaphragm Water Pumps: The diaphragm water pump sounds unusual, but it is indeed very real. It is called a diaphragm water pump because it pumps water based on the mechanics of a diaphragm. The pump uses positive displacement to shift the water to where it needs to go by means of a flexible diaphragm, often made of rubber (though other materials can be used), that flexes from one side to another, causing the water to go into motion. Diaphragm water pumps look very unusual, but they are very effective at performing their assigned task.
  • Axial Flow Pump: An axial flow pump is relatively simpler than the two previously mentioned types of water pumps, especially compared to the diaphragm water pump. An axial flow pump consists of a propeller located within a metal pipe. The propeller is attached to a motor that drives the mechanism to push fluids through the pipe to its intended destination. I believe an industrial water pumps manufacturer would intend for an axial flow pump to push water through the pipe faster than it would normally go, hence the propeller.

In conclusion, industrial water pumps manufacturers can create a wide variety of water pumps for industrial purposes. This article looked at three examples of industrial water pumps, namely the centrifugal pump, which uses centrifugal force to push water along, the diaphragm water pump, which uses a rubber diaphragm to move water, and the axial flow pump, which propels water by means of a propeller attached to a motor located within the metal pipe. These are just three examples of industrial water pumps that can be found out in the world. They are made to be used in a wide variety of industries and are all effective in accomplishing their task of pumping water in their own unique ways. If you are working with industrial water pumps, you will probably end up working with at least one of these pumps several times over the course of your career.

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