A Website That Takes Too Long To Load Is Practically Dead Five Features You Should Be Using In 2019

What’s in a web service? It’s truly the question of the ages.

Everyone has a website these days. The Internet sees thousands of new content — from videos to articles — cropping up every minute. Standing out is a matter of being strategic and using your resources to the fullest of their ability. The best web design company is constantly updating their techniques to bring you the latest in modern convenience. With content creation and SEO on your side, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a memorable online presence.

Where do you get started? Break things down with the list below so you can finally rise up above the noise.

A Website Not Optimized For Mobile Is A Website Overlooked

How do most people interact with the Internet these days? If you answered ‘on their phone or tablet’, you’re right! It’s estimated up to 50% of mobile phone owners use their phone as a primary Internet source, which means your web design needs to keep up. Failing to provide your customers with a solid phone browsing experience is just sending them straight to your competitors. The best web design company will check your server, update your script, and make sure your site looks good everywhere.

Your Website Should Be Visually Appealing And Easy To Browse

The first thing that stands out about any website is the appearance. Yes, you really should judge a book by its cover! A revealing study found 50% of respondents citing a website’s visual design as to why they decided to keep browsing. A majority 95% even said they would distrust a company because their website wasn’t up to snuff. Ask the best web design company how you can make your first impression look more polished.

Make Sure Your Web Design Doesn’t Take Too Long To Load

Your website won’t have a chance to cement a good first impression if it won’t load. Yes, this is such an important part of the pack it gets its own section on this list. A creative agency can pick apart your website and figure out why it doesn’t crop up in seven seconds or less. It takes less than one second for users to form an opinion about your website. If it takes more than seven seconds to load you can kiss your chances at lead conversion goodbye.

Regular Content Gives People A Reason To Keep Coming Back

What’s a good way to supplement your products and services? Create a regularly updated blog that entices your customers to come back for more. It can even be used to convert leads into buyers! Digital agency services have figured out content creation to be the number one driver of web traffic, whether it’s a weekly blog or a bi-monthly newsletter. A 2017 study by Animoto found half of marketers today publish four or more marketing videos each month.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan For Maximum Effect

How can you top off a website optimized for mobile and a shiny new blog? Expand your outreach with a social media plan. Let’s face it, social media is how most people get their news and advertisements these days. It’s a particularly keen way for customers to interact with businesses and vice versa. According to a recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, two-thirds of marketers cited Facebook as the most important social platform.

Do you know how to get rankings in your local area? Is your blog updated at least once every two weeks? Talk to an Internet marketing agency and make sure your website has several tools to fall back on in 2019.

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