An Innovative Way to Improve Garbage Collection

Most of us don’t think much about our garbage collection needs. Even fewer of us think about the complex logistics that go on behind the scenes. Companies and business have to decide how often to have garbage picked up, when to pick it up, how to pick it up, and what to do with the waste. If you are doing a project that will result in a lot of trash, consider contacting dumpster rental services. In this video, you will learn about an innovative new way that Amsterdam is improving their own garbage collection system.

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Amsterdam identified one glaring issue with the current system of garbage logistics in many other countries. Garbage bins are often left outdoors and full of garbage until they are collected. This makes the city stink and attracts vermin to the stench. Therefore, Amsterdam sought to find a solution. What they came up with is truly incredible. They created a system of garbage chutes that store the trash underground for waste management trucks to pick up. This means that the trash no longer was visible or smelly to those above. We will have to see if other cities soon adopt this same system.


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