Building Loyalty: What Digital Agencies Can Do For You

digital agencyAcquiring new leads and customers is key, but so is retaining them. Considering the fact that a repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one, it makes sense that building loyalty with just 5% more of a customer base will lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%.

One of the best ways to help create brand loyalty nowadays is to work with a digital agency. Here are just a couple of the things they can do to help keep your customers coming back.

Be Seen Everywhere
According to research, 77% of millennials feel that a great product is the most important driver of brand loyalty. In other words, if your business offers the best product or service around, the millennial will stay loyal. However, research also shows that 69% of millennials feel that brand recognition and trust is also an important brand loyalty factor. In other words, the more they see your brand, and the more they trust it, the more likely they are to be loyal. A digital agency can make this happen. There are various strategies to get a brand in front of a target audience, such as social media for example, which a digital agency can help a brand execute.

User Experience Design.\
User experience design (UX) is basically the way a person interacts with the design of an app or website. Good UX is simple, and easy to use. Bad UX is complicated, and can possibly render an app or site useless. If you work with a digital agency to create a good UX for your app and/or website, you’ll build a bigger customer base, because think about it: the easier it is to work with an app or website, the more likely a person is to continue doing so. Best of all, you don’t need the most innovative design to appeal to consumers (though it’d be awesome). You just need something that’s simple, and intuitive to use. Something that people can figure out on their own.

Creating an ubiquitous online presence and an excellent UX are two of the best ways a digital agency can help your brand build a more loyal customer base. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

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