Business Owners How To Use Various Heat Presses For Your Company

In the United States there are many companies, and markets that thrive from successful business transactions. Some of these companies are necessary and used by many, if not all, Americans. In fact, to be more specific, the markets that are extremely popular are the apparel industry. This specific market was worth $315 billion dollars in 2016, and this number is expected to increase to $385 billion by the year 2025. This is understandable because the American people purchase many shirts (of all kinds), mugs, and hats, etc. These purchases are not simply plain, original colors. They have prints and patterns on them; all making them unique to the buyer. This is all possible through the use of heat presses. Here are information on heat presses, how to use various heat presses, and types of heat presses- this is sure to make your business thrive!

What Are Heat Presses

To begin, heat presses are becoming prevalent for many businesses. Because of their ideal heat transfer technology, heat presses are replacing irons that businesses have used for many years. Heat presses utilize heat transfer technology to successfully print images on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and hats- just to name a few products. The heat transfer technology is essentially, a way to define the process of heat presses. Heat press machines can go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (yes that hot!), while still efficiently printing any image of a shirt. Not only that, but the heat transfer technology allows for prints to be made on any type of fabric; from cotton, spandex, satin, mug materials, cap materials, and many more. They are also easier to use than the irons of the past, and they can print thousands of materials at one time! If you’re ready to expand your business, and become successful it’s time to consider heat presses.

How To Use A Heat Press

As previously mentioned, heat press machines are easy to use. First, you have two choices. You can use heat presses manually, or, for an even easier time, you can use a machine automatically. Many individuals prefer the automatic option, because the manual option requires multiple people and a lot of work for simply one successfully finished product. If you decide to use an automatic heat press, the process only requires for you to use the operator on the machine. This is all thanks to the growing progression in technology, specific heat transfer technology.

It is important to note that you will need a variety of items when you use your heat press. You need the transfer paper, sublimation ink, your design (already printed on vinyl paper). After you have all these materials, you are set to produce your products for your business!

Types Of Heat Presses

There are many different types of heat presses you can purchase for your business. First, there are specialty heat presses. Specialty heat presses are much like how they sound. They will assist you in printing speciality items for your business. These items are different than the classic t-shirt. These items can include baseballs, hats, and materials that are not made of clothing fabric. This opens many doors for your business because you are not restricted in just printing on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

Sublimation Heat Presses: A sublimation heat press is another type of machine you can purchase for your business. This heat press machine is much different than classic heat press machines. It is different because of the ink that is used. A sublimation heat press uses a special type of ink, and it’s special because it absorbs itself into the fabric. This action has a benefit. Since the ink is absorbed into the fabric, it gives the item (shirt, hat, what have you) a longer life. Therefore, you can ensure your customers that the product they are buying can last years without the ink fading!

Classic Heat Presses: If you’re just starting your business, a classic heat press may be ideal for you. There are various kinds of classic heat presses you can buy. They are simple in design, but they get the job done.

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