Cloud Computing 101

The video “Cloud Computing In 6 Minutes” discusses the difference between on-premise software solutions and cloud-based software. The narrator talks about the advantages of cloud computing in scalability, server storage, data security, system maintenance, and disaster recovery.

The video explains the flexibility of using cloud-based software. There are three types of deployment models and three levels of service.

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The highest service level, SaaS, means the cloud computing company provides and maintains hardware and software. SaaS is an excellent choice for small businesses that do not include an IT department.

The other two service level options, IaaS and PaaS, fall in between an on-premises system and SaaS. Third-party cloud services allow internal employees to do what they do best instead of troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Widely known cloud computing platforms include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

The video uses a small software development firm as an example of the type of business that would benefit from cloud-based software. However, many small and medium business owners will benefit from watching the video and learning about cloud computing options.

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