Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are one of the most popular parts of homes in America. After a while, garage door repairs may be necessary. Before you start the repairs it’s always a good idea to do a full check of all of the issues. In this article, we are going to review some of the common garage door repairs.

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One of the first parts of the garage door that you need to check on is the opener. The opener is the box at the top of your garage that controls the door. Be sure that it is plugged in and that all of the wirings are connected.

The sensors are another thing that you should check up on. The sensors ensure that the garage door will not close if there is something under it. You can test them out by putting small pieces of wood under the garage door and then closing it.

Finally, the last thing that you should check for is the garage door alignment. Sometimes the garage door will go off of its track and will not open or close properly. You would be able to figure this out by looking at the garage door. If it is tilted in one direction, you may have a problem with the alignment.


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