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Mobile device management systems

The use of smartphones is on the rise. Mobile searches quadrupled in the past year in the United States, signaling that he use of smartphones for business purposes is also growing. Business use of smartphones is expected to reach 62 percent by 2014. Of course, smartphones have obvious benefits to running business, allowing employees access to email, etc. However, it is crucial that a company take adequate security measures to secure employees’ smartphones, in the case that they are lost of stolen, to ensure that there are no breaches of security. MDM software stands for mobile device management software. Mobile device management is an enterprise IT service that allows corporate IT department to manage and secure employees’ mobile devices. This includes blackberry, iphone, android, and tablets. Interestingly, Android is a particularly popular smart phone: Over 250 million smartphones across the world are powered by the Android platform and Android OS’s user base increases by 700,000 users each day.

In today’s world, companies are increasingly moving towards BYOD policies for smart phones and tablets in the workplace. However, one of the biggest hurdles to more widespread adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) policies is the security factor. For example, if an employee were to lose a phone with sensitive company data or information, the consequences could be catastrophic. With Mdm software, if an employee’s phone is lost or stolen you can remotely wipe the data. If you own a company or business, make sure you adequately protect your employees’ mobile phones to ensure. There are many different options for MDM software, so you will want to do some research to find the software that best meets your company’s needs. Overall, however, Mdm software is a great investment, helping you to protect and secure your company’s data and information. Consider MDM software.

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