Find the Right SEO Marketing Company with These 7 Tips

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The vast majority of internet users like search engines. Nearly 93% of all internet experiences begin by searching with a search engine. It has been reported that between 65% and 70% of this space is owned by Google. When conducting these searches about 75% of all people never look beyond the first page of the search results. It is for this reason that search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is such an important part of most companies’ marketing strategy. Finding the right SEO strategy is very important for many businesses. There are affordable SEO companies out there, you just need to do some work to make sure you hire the right firm for you needs.

  1. What is their keyword optimization strategy? This sits at the heart of any SEO services plan. The SEO companies that you talk to need to be able to analyze your keywords and, if they think it is needed, suggest new keywords that may be better or that can be added to your current keywords. They need to be able to optimize this as part of their overall strategy.
  2. Talk to them about your size. Good, affordable SEO companies should be able to work with businesses who have all sizes of websites. They should be able to scale there services and their price to different sized projects. If they only work with companies with very large or small websites, you should keep looking. Your website may be a certain size today but it can grow and you need an SEO marketing firm than can handle that.
  3. Where can they get your page rank? When you are talking to different affordable SEO companies, ask about how they plan to improve the page rank of your page. Ask what kind of analysis you can expect from them. You should go into this with specific goals that you want to achieve as well. If you are not sure what you are looking for, no one will be happy with the result.
  4. What is their strategy for your linking? All reputable and affordable SEO companies should be able to give you a strategy for reciprocal and one way linking. If the SEO companies that you approach do not seem like they are able to conduct a review and analysis of your current linking structure, you should move on. They should be able to evaluate your current linking structure and give you suggestions to improve and expand it.
  5. What is their customer service like? You should expect your SEO services company to be available to you when you need them and during business hours. If you have questions and they are not willing to spend the time answering them before you are a customer, you can be sure they will not have the time once you are. This does not mean you should expect them to talk to you at 2:00 am but if you have questions at reasonable times, you should be able to talk to someone. The only caveat is that if you call looking for a detailed analysis, your SEO consultants or company should be given some time to compile that.
  6. Affordable SEO companies should be affordable. When you talk to different SEO companies, you will get different prices. SEO strategy has some of the best returns on investment of anything you can do for your business. Weigh what you are getting with what you will be paying and you should be able to find affordable SEO companies that will help your business. Be wary of the companies that really low ball their price.
  7. Get detailed reports. You want to look at affordable SEO companies but you really want to see they are doing what they say they are doing and getting the results you need. Reputable SEO companies should provide you with very thorough reports to show you how your website is performing with their efforts. This is often more of an art than a science but a good SEO company should be able to show you the results they are getting.

Your SEO marketing strategy can make a huge difference for your company’s bottom line. A good SEO firm will help grow your business.



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