Four Important Considerations of Advanced Geotagging Features

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Digital marketing is not only important, but crucial for business success today. With a large percentage of businesses on the internet in some way or another, many businesses are moving the majority of their marketing efforts to the digital world. With advanced digital tools and more targeted information than ever before, businesses can significantly increase their success with digital marketing.

Advanced geotagging and its contribution to digital marketing

Marketing is about understanding the customer and their buying habits. It is an attempt to understand what your customer needs and when they are searching for it. What if this information was provided to you? What if you could know not only when your customer needed an item, but also when they were geographically near your physical location? With advanced geotagging and entity matching programs, you can do just that. Geotagging software allows you to know when customers are near your business. It also informs you when a customer has visited your virtual business and left, without purchasing anything.

Use advanced geotagging to reduce error

Advanced geotagging can also be used to reduce error. How can you stop one customer from creating multiple accounts to cash in on a new customer reward? How can you stop a customer from using a single use coupon on multiple online orders? With advanced geotagging abilities, you can use big data analysis in document categorization settings. With entity extraction features, you can mine through data and weed out multiple use customers.

These security features are not only beneficial for businesses looking to reduce error but are also used in governmental security measures. Text mining features can help businesses in three primary ways. It can provide more accurate insights across a broader range of documents and sources, it can provide accurate risk, compliance, and threat detection, and it can improve customer engagement by using natural language processing to generate early insights into what customers are thinking. Government entities use these advanced features mostly for the risk and threat detection, while businesses can take advantage of the customer targeting features.

Ability to ignore non relevant information

Have you ever been provided with the results of a recent marketing campaign that you simply did not care about? The results might have included views alongside customer conversions. Most businesses do not care much about views and prefer to focus on the actual conversions, which result in profits. With advanced geotagging capabilities, businesses can ignore information that they do not find to be valuable. Over the past several years, an incredible amount of information has been created. According to the IDC, the digital universe will reach over 40 ZB by 2020 (approximately 1.7 MB of new information created for every person every second of every day). The process of sorting through relevant information will only become more difficult of a business task.

Making improvements with advanced geotagging features

Advanced geotagging features are already the next generation of digital marketing. Yet, these same advanced features will play an important role in advancing the digital tools of marketing even further. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that currently, less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Text mining and advanced geotagging features can bridge the gap to the missing 99%. While this will help to increase internet security measures, it will also help businesses succeed in the internet and digital marketing world.

As the internet continues to expand and grow in significance, digital marketing also become more relevant. With advanced customer targeting marketing efforts, businesses can utilize this technological information to push their business into the new world. These tools can help with customer location, targeting marketing, reduction in customer error, and even in sorting through relevant marketing and business information sources.

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