How Does IT Equipment Recycling Work?

When your computer no longer works, it needs to be disposed of differently than regular garbage. Computers, phones, Ipads, and other technology can be recycled using the IT equipment recycling process. Keep reading to learn how IT equipment recycling works.

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You may think your old computer is a piece of junk, but hidden within your old computer is a treasure trove of precious metals. The circuit board contains silver and copper and the microprocessor is laced with gold. These precious metals are the conductors that carried electrical signals around your computer back when it worked.

Once you decide to recycle your computer or other technology, it is sent to a facility or plant that salvages precious metals. First, the outer casing is taken off, then the cables are unplugged and disposed of until only the chips and processors remain in the computer.

The processors are the easiest part of the computer to recycle because they are made of only gold and ceramic. To recycle the processors, a mix of hydrochloric acid and nitride acid is used to separate the gold from the ceramics.

To learn more about how IT equipment recycling works, watch the video above!


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