How Hosting Virtual Trade Shows Can Save You Time and Money

Virtual conference

Are you the owner of a business who is looking for ways to reach more customers? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of business owners just like you have a fantastic product that they just need to get into more hands. Many of those business owners go to conferences, trade shows, and other types of events to promote their product, but this is an incredibly costly option. The good news for you is that with the incredible advances in technology, you can now be apart of these events virtually! Below are three innovative examples of exactly this:

1. Virtual Trade Shows Using a virtual trade show platform allows your business to host and attend a trade show without ever leaving your office. You can offer attendance to other vendors in your industry and invite people to attend just as you would an in-person trade show, but without having to worry about the logistics. Virtual trade show platforms allow for various durations, but the standard is around seven hours spread over one to three days.

2. Online Webinars – Another way to reach more clients/customers is to host online webinars about new products, industry trends, and other topics of interest to your consumer base. Webinars can be free or come at a small cost, but what is truly important is for the webinar to be interesting enough to keep those listening and watching engaged. A good marketing technique is to conduct three weeks of promotion before the webinar and to record the event and make sure it is available after the day it was live. This is a technique used by nearly 95 percent of webinar hosts and it seems to work great!

3. Virtual Conferences – Hosting a virtual conference is another way to attract new customers while still maintaining a low overhead. Similar to the virtual trade show platform, virtual conferences can involve other vendors in your industry and be spread out for several hours over several days. Often times these platforms allow for chat and video so that customers can truly connect with the vendors they are interested in.

Sending your sales team to a conference or trade show in a different state every month takes a lot of time, money, and labor. Some businesses, especially those who are just starting, just do not have the resources to do it. If you fall into that category, don’t be disheartened. Check out the software that can allow you to host virtual trade shows, webinars, and conferences and see how it would fit in with your business model.

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