How to Spot a Bad Car Glass Replacement

When the windshield of a car is damaged, you may need to get a glass replacement. The windshield is important to protect you from the elements when you drive. It must be installed correctly so you don’t run into any problems while driving.

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Let’s take a look at how to spot a bad car glass replacement.

The first way that you can spot a bad replacement job is if you hear a rattling sound while you drive. If the glass is not installed properly it may not be held down to the car as tightly as it should. When the glass is loose it will move around while you drive and cause a rattling sound.

Another way you can spot a bad replacement is if you notice water leaking through the windshield. The windshield needs to protect you from water so that you can drive when it is raining. If there is water leaking through, this could be a sign that the windshield is not installed properly, and it is also a safety hazard.

In the end, the windshield needs to be installed properly to ensure your safety while you drive. If you notice either of these two things, you may want to get a replacement.


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