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Are you a small to medium sized business owner who is looking for help with your information technology? Maybe you want to make sure your computer network security is as strong as it should be, or perhaps you just need to understand more about how IT consulting services may be a benefit to your business model. Whatever you need may be, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to information technology and your business. Below are three of those items:

1. The Importance of Computer Network Security – The computer network security of your business is crucial to your overall success, and if it is not taken seriously it can hurt your chances of obtaining new customers, increasing revenue, and more. Studies show that one in every 40 small businesses are at risk of falling victim to some type of cyber crime, but as a business owner you can take steps to prevent this. If you don’t have your own IT department, consider looking into small business IT solutions that may be able to help you.

2. Internal vs. External Tech Support – Another option for business owners that do not have a full fledged IT department is to outsource the work to an external tech firm that specializes in exactly that. This practice is actually becoming quite common with over 30 percent of IT services being outsourced according to a survey from Deloitte. Your IT needs will be different from other companies which makes it all the more important for you to have a conversation about your requirements and the abilities of various IT support firms.

3. Data Protection At the core of computer network security is data protection. If you cannot prove to customers that you will keep their data safe then you are giving them one more reason to choose not to hire you and go with someone else who can. If you do not have an IT specialist in this area and you do not feel qualified yourself, it just makes sense to call in an expert.

As a business owner you know the importance of keeping your customer’s data safe, and you understand that sometimes this safety comes with a lot of work. Many business owners just like you are worried about the same thing. In fact, nearly 60% of all businesses, big and small, are concerned about cyber attacks. You do not have to fall victim to data and network security breaches. Make sure your business is prepared.

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