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As of 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau found that 75.6 percent of American households owned a computer, and over 70 percent had access to the internet. This means that over 86 percent of American households have access to a computer, and 80 percent have access to a computer with internet access. What this amounts to is a lot of expensive technology in the hands of millions of people who do not their WiFi from their elbows!

A popular online technology magazine reported that the average price that American pay for a typical PC is around 550 dollars. Of course, that price usually does not include basic programs like Microsoft Office or decent security software, which will add between 100 to 200 bucks to the price tag. For those who plan on purchasing a lower end MAC, they should expect to pay twice the price of a standard PC. Either way, regular people routinely spend several hundred or thousands of dollars on computer technology that most know very little about.

Sure, most computer users know how to share pictures on Facebook and how to Tweet about the size of their last batch of laundry; but how many know what security software is best? What percentage of computer users knows how to keep Chrome from crashing? Perhaps that last question is not a good one, because nobody seems to know the answer to that, but you get the idea. Since the average computer user has limited technical knowledge about their computer systems, questions are inevitable.

Unfortunately, people who do not consider themselves technologically inclined seem to assume that online technology magazines are only for computer gurus. But this is not the case. While the articles and reviews one will find in a technology magazine online will certainly appeal to computer experts of all levels, they are often written with the layperson in mind. In reality, they are excellent sources for computer novices who are seeking answers to specific technology questions, or for those who are simply trying to broaden their technological knowledge.

The bottom line is one does not have to be a technology aficionado to benefit from the abundance of useful, relevant information that appears in the top online technology magazines. In fact, many of the computer enthusiasts of today started out as curious novices flipping through the pages of the popular online technology magazines they are still reading today.

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