Keeping Up With the Competition How to Upgrade Your Business’ Communcation Infastructure

Business voip systems

Technology has changed our lives in significant ways with notable developments such as television, telephones, computers, and of course the internet. When it comes to global communication, the internet brings people closer together than ever before through social media, webcam interactions, and e-mail. By that same token, businesses that rely on keeping in touch with clients, customers, and employees may find themselves surrounded by outdated infrastructure that makes it difficult to stay connected — thankfully there are a number of modern communication solutions available to help businesses stay connected.

The Need for Modern Communication Solutions

The internet is a powerful tool that provides a number of communication solutions to benefit businesses of any size thanks to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP, or internet telephony as it is also called, is a method of utilizing a business’ local area network (LAN) to make phone calls over the internet instead of using a traditional landline. While VoIP technology is principally used for telephones, VoIP enables businesses to integrate elements of security and other online features to create a homogenous network of operations. Due to its decreased cost over traditional landlines and mobile capabilities, the VoIP industry is projected to exceed over $76 million.

Securing Your Business

Security ought to be a priority for any business, especially now that we have entered into the digital age. The United States Chamber of Commerce estimates that employers had to pay between $20 billion and $40 billion a year on employee theft — surprisingly this is the most common form of business theft in the nation. Companies that invest in a closed circuit video surveillance systems that has been integrated into the Cloud with a VoIP method can eliminate theft and losses by up to 80% thanks to its remote access feature. There are a number of businesses that specialize in selling low-cost, Cloud-connected security cameras with resolutions as high as 720 to 1080 pixels for clearer images.

Modern Communication

Naturally, the businesses that benefit the most from VoIP are those that utilize some form of telework regularly; nearly half of the nation’s workforce hold a job that at least uses telework part-time. Businesses that switch to VoIP services can save between 20-50% on their monthly phone bills over landlines depending on how frequently they are used. An additional benefit of a VoIP system is the seamless connectivity to online resources — this enables businesses to more easily schedule video conferences with increased connectivity and decreased interruptions. With an average of 11 million meetings every day in the United States, businesses that fail to upgrade their connection infrastructure are bound to get left behind in the surge of technology.

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