Learn About Compressed Air Dryer Process

Have you ever seen air dryers? These are machines designed to separate moisture or water vapor from industrial process air. In other words, they de-humidify.

Compressed air dryers are vital in a host of industrial facilities which require a strong, consistent regular supply of dry, compressed air.

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There are processes in industrial operations that require dry air. Moisture is kept out because it can damage pipelines, motors, and other equipment in the industrial process.

Moisture can cause freezing in pipelines and can increase the risk of corrosion in the metallic parts of the process as well. With air dryers, the moisture is consistently kept out of the air that goes through the pipes and stops the buildup of corrosion and potential freezing.

There are various types of air dryers in the market. A common type is the refrigerated air dryer. This type is one of the most common types used in industrial applications. It is quite easy to maintain and also cost-reliable. Another type is the desiccant-type air dryer. It has two towers wherein one is in charge of air-drying while the other regenerates the desiccant.

Know more about air dryers by watching this video.

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