Making the Most of BES Security Policy

Bes security policy

The BlackBerry is the business worlds go to device. BlackBerrys enable employees to access a bes or BlackBerry Enterprise Server, allowing individuals to send and receive corporate and personal email.
A bes security policy is necessary because a third of employees who use personal devices to access corporate data report that their data is not encrypted or secured.

Technology experts praise the security provided by BlackBerrys. Blackberry mobile device management allows companies to implement various security features. Bes policy keeps companies information safe and secure even when accessed on mobile platforms provided by users. With the bring your own device trend in business, RIM is hoping the sale of the BlackBerry 10, released in January 2013, will be successful.

Bes security policy can require users to password lock their devices. Bes security policy can also enable companies to remote lock or wipe devices that are lost or stolen. Doing so can help keep sensitive data from being leaked. Bes security policy can also disable the installation of third party apps, or lock users out of using the phones photo and video features. Bes enables companies additional levels of privacy and security for proprietary information and sensitive corporate data.

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