Not All of Us Can Be Tech Savvy It Is Okay To Need Help

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What kind of online tech help do you get? If you do not seek out online tech help, that may explain why you still have computer troubles. Do yourself a favor and look some up. They may enlighten you, answer questions that have been burning in your mind, and reveal best practices that you had never known. You may even learn that you been doing something wrong this entire time. So read on!

  • Basic Computer Tips
  • Start simple first, right? So we shall start right at the absolute very beginning. Depending on how much is on a computer, how many processes need to begin, and the memory that the computer has, it can take up to a few minutes for the computer finish starting up and loading.

    The more you get impatient, the more you try to do while it is starting up, the harder it has to work, the more it has to split its attention and energy, and the longer it will take to actually get going.

    Sit still. Be patient. Read a book. Only once it has stopped whirring and thinking and processing is it totally safe for you to start playing with it.

    In terms of safety: never, ever click on something that you are not sure of. Whether it is a fishy e-mail, a link from a friend, or just a pop-up or a website, do not touch!

    Especially if it is from a friend, it is called a trojan. It comes in the form of an e-mail or social media message from your brother saying “Hey, check this out!” and then it is a random link filled with garble.

    As soon as you click that, you instantly download a virus. It means that your brother fell for the same thing, and unintentionally sent that link out to friends in order to spread the virus even more. Bad!

  • Laptop Battery Tips
  • The absolutely most common questions and complaints about laptops are about the battery. Here is how you do it. And never veer from this strategy. Use the battery all the way until it is out of charge. Plug it in to charge, and let it charge to full capacity. Do not leave it in to charge over night. As soon as that battery is done charging, you absolutely must unplug the charger. Then, use the battery all the way until empty again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Never veer!

This is just the start of some simple, yet incredibly helpful, computer tips. If you are still not fully comfortable with your computer, if you ever find yourself wondering how to do something that you have never been able to figure out, all you need to do is look for that online tech help, or even look up some technology magazines. Someone, somewhere on the internet has had the same problem, and has written about it. You just need to find it.

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