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Zebra label printer

June 26, 1974 was a monumental day in Barcode history. That day, at 8:01AM, a pack of Juicy Fruit was purchased in Troy, Ohio using the first Universal Product Code barcode at a retail business. This was not the first time we would see a barcode but was the first time a UPC scanner was used in a commercial setting. In 1932, an automated checkout system using punch cards was designed by Wallace Flint. today, we have everything from the zebra label printer to the zebra barcode printer all the way to the zebra thermal printers.

The barcode has grown since then and, today, is used to track the $60 billion of consumer goods transported throughout the US. Along with tracking the monetary value, zebra label printers use barcodes to collect data and information technology pertaining to food and beverage solutions in relation to consumer concerns about food safety. with the importance on all consumer goods, a zebra label printer is priced well enough that a small business owner can purchase one and ship their goods all around the world. You can find a nicely priced zebra label printer online by searching and comparing to local retail carriers.

Zebra printers work hand in hand with barcode scanners, or readers, that are quite sophisticated for their cost. The scanner translates optical impulses with a light source, a lens, and a light sensor to collect and interpret data after scanning a barcode. today, even smartphones can read a label printed off from a zebra label printer with the right application. Continue your research here.

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