Smart Home Devices to Install in Your Airbnb Property

In this YouTube video, The Real Estate Robinsons look at four smart home devices they feel a person must have in their Airbnb property. Keyless entry is just one feature that potentially increases the popularity of an Airbnb property.

Smart locks come in different varieties with different purposes.

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Smart locks remove the need for physical keys and setbacks that can happen when physical keys are utilized. Physical keys can get lost, stolen, and be contaminated. Using a smart lock lets guests use a keyless entry. They can also keep a physical key inside of them as a backup or allow the Airbnb room owner to lock or unlock it remotely if ever needed.

Security cameras make guests feel safer. Security cameras can be placed at the edges of the property or on the doorknob but never inside the house.

Mesh wi-fi networks keep the internet in the rentals working smoothly. These work best for more significant properties or groups with large amounts of devices. The routers for these types of networks hook together to provide more extensive coverage in the larger properties.

Smart TVs make the guest experience convenient. Guests can log into their streaming services on the TVs in the rental properties, allowing them to keep up with their viewing preferences.

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