The Difference Between Salvaged and Rebuilt Cars

Some people get the terms salvage and rebuilt confused, and you must know the truth about them before you invest in anything. The Youtube video “The Huge Difference Between a Salvage and Rebuilt Car” has all the information you need to understand why these two terms are completely different. Let’s find out more!

When a car is in an accident and gets totaled, an insurance company will issue a salvage title, and it’s usually sent to auction. However, you can’t buy salvage Corvettes and drive around the neighborhood that same day. You’ll have to fix the car, file paperwork, and take all the steps necessary to get a rebuilt title.

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That’s when you can start using the vehicle freely and legally.

The steps needed to get a rebuilt title are complicated, and the car has to be inspected. Sometimes, it might need even more repairs. Additionally, you have to compile proof that you actually rebuilt the vehicle such as before-and-after photos and details explanations of the work that went into it before you get the inspection date.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about rebuilt and salvage Corvettes.


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