The Technology Behind Commercial Document Shredding

Commercial document shredding provides a secure disposal solution for classified information with the technology behind it. Instead of shredding paper themselves, businesses have opted to hire professional shredding companies. By so doing, the company saves on time and resources.

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Commercial document shredding uses industrial shredders. They differ from commercial shredders because they can destroy documents at 5,000 pounds per hour. The most significant advantage of industrial shredders is that they do not suffer from paper jams and can run continuously without fail.

There are two types of industrial shredders in the market. Documents go into one compact containing a conveyer belt and a small table. It can be made better by attaching a baler machine. This combination shreds and compressed shredded paper into bales for more straightforward disposal.

Shred trucks use this combined mechanism and operate as a mobile service to areas of interest. The papers are shredded in the back of the car on-site.

You can do off-site commercial document shredding using the multilevel shredder system. This type of automatic shredding handles large documents in several stages.

Call a local commercial document shredding company today for prompt shredding services.

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